Saturday, April 08, 2006

God & Consequences: The Other Side Of The Story

How do bloggers do this? With such a shit load of possibilities and perceptions vying for center stage. There is so much to get involved with but this is insanity. I am a democrat, once upon a time I was an independent with glowing ideals and visions of how cool earth could be if we tended it rather than mined it. I thought with naivete that religion was what you decided it was as long as your God was a good god. That's a laugh. Gods are hypocritical, scary evil motherfuckers that foster minions of mindless, filled with righteousness, to pity and scold and reform and kill in the name Big Mambo, or in the name of a man who would have no part of violence or killing or hate.
Anyhow an independent has no power so I became a democrat because I believe democrats want only enough power to make a difference, to start the turn toward planetary salvation.. I think they still can find room in their world for anyone's gods, even though religion in general gives fire and fuel hostile violence, world over, daily..hourly.
It's just too hard to maintain any coherent stream of consciousness without seeing the futility in it all. I'm happy religion is becoming as polarized as it is. I' m glad that it is as creepy if not creepier than ever, to watch the rapturists and the fundamentalists get all worked up. I hope a fucking asteroid hits the earth and some of us wake up to find we have nothing left to do but wake up and start all over again. I snatched this blog up. Then saw a million more and stopped. If one is to survive and see the signs one must be a party to serendipity and feed it. I don't know what.
God & Consequences: The Other Side Of The Story

If at first you don't succeed ...

....your mother should have shot you. I am so pissed by the idiocy and infantile lunacies that suffocate reason and common sense so thoroughly in this country. This is one fucked up America. I can't remember when I have ever seen it this fucked up and I'm 60. Just drive a mile and see if you don't get pissed enough to wish evil. Oh that's right you wouldn't. You're the ass hole that's got the phone up his ass, your passenger wheels in the bike lane, your head so low in the seat that your Neon looks pilotless, and the ground shaking intrusive coming from it should get you shot for noise polution. Someday when they determin that the slamming bass of momma's tricked out Neon has caused irreparable damage to the environment or the critters in it, I hope you're strung up by the nuts and have your sound systems surgically implanted in your pointless ass and cranked up all the way.