Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Three's a charm

Some shit huh? It's a fact. The ancient Mayan chose December 21st, 2012 A.D. 11:11 am GMT.
as the end of their long count calendar.
Why 2012?

And it was in the year of two thousand and twelve that the greatest superpower in the world elected to bring to it's helm another Bush. The world ceased to exist as we knew it 4 days before Jesus's birthday that year.
What happened then? I'm still ciphern' on nat'un.

It's the day a comet hits the moon, acording to Joel Keene's coincidence-inspired novel, Cosmic Locusts. Guess who the Comet Caller is?

It is the Purge and end of the Fourth World according to the Pueblo Indians.

It's really, really, something to think about, maybe even prepare....your soul for. Some think The World Will Not End but transform. May they be right.

Oh, and yes I know that Montezuma was an Aztec. Everyone can identify with Montezuma's revenge, but few would get Pacal's revenge.

Monday, June 26, 2006

You may believe what you will.

I will keep my options open. Conspiracies, you doubt. I believe some if not most exist. News accounts you believe. I doubt some if not most. I even question what I see, being quite sure that I am not running the projector.
As a life form we are so close to annihilation yet we concern ourselves with such base and meaningless matters. A life time is no time at all once gone. A long life time, say 90 years is no time at all considering that five and a half such life times is all it has been since a group of soggy Spaniards slogged onshore in an unspoiled, verdant, paradise. In five and a half such life times it has been stripped and choked, drained and burned, plowed and paved over, until it no longer resembles anything but folly, a glutinously consumed and discharged waste of water and land.
What will it take to wake the people to the planet. Comet callers and asteroid advocates think they know the answer.
It's too bad we didn't notice all the bad decisions we were making. God blessed us. And then we fucked up and pleaded with God to bless us again, and again, and again, and we got complacent with being forgiven then fucking up again. It was easy. The biggest Fuckups even made a day to ask for it each week. Sunday. God is pissed now. He doesn't like being on the edge of your life where the problems are. He likes the center, where he can vaporize them as they arise.
Whether God is willing to risk making any more mistakes with us again is the big question. That we will continue to make them is all but assured.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hey! George W. Bush.....yeah you!

I watched you flounder at the mike in Hungary. There you were, right in the very center of history. Like you couldn't resist giving that I'm to dumb and stupid to give a shit stage presence a work out, could you asshole? You make me want to puke, I have no idea how much freedom you enable the rest of the worlds gag reflex, with your banty rooster posture, and the slimy smirking smile of indifference you use to punctuate your singularly dictatorial points.
You twerp, stop talking like no one is smarter than you, that no one must miss a single boring rhetorical thoughtfully deficient thing you have to say. You act like, "Where are you world?" You remind me of every idiot bully with a big club and a short fuse. You threaten with the unfathomable might you temporarily command, to rip asunder the world if any affront to your wishes does not do as you say it had better. You listen to no one but those you have put in place to feed your diminutive beast and your enormous ego. You delegate your inaptitude to inaptitude with impunity. Your gavel is a cross and we should all be terrified at your God's ability to keep you healthy and at the point of the most unhealthy crusade against evil by evil ever recorded. You have redefined evil to include any resistance to your designs. Is this not so Mr. B-word?
If I am not in agreement with your international positions on good and evil, who is to be challenged with deadly force and who is to be given shelter, with taking from the working stiff and giving it to the rich, then it is a sure sign that evil exists within me. Is that not correct? Hey George W. Bush ....... Yeah You! Answer me asshole.

Monday, June 19, 2006

We think we don't stink

But in truth we are not even as concious as ants. Ants don't have the "I ME MY" concept in their world to get in the way of results.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Lighten up reverend...

I am so con- fused. But at least I'm not George W. Bush.

God is busy........ deal with it.

Loathsome fuckers these Red Folk... Real fundamentalist.. Falwell/ Robertson warriors for God. God's getting lots of press these days.

In truth "God" is busy elsewhere. There are in neighboring corners of the galaxy, planets whose inhabitants took the hint handed them during the folly of their particular evolutions, and kept their planet in order, or at least made a concerted effort to do so in the face of the usual birth pains of any planetary system's ordering and eventual colonizing. Why should God expend any effort or loose any sleep over a life form that relies consistently on God to bring them through this trial or that tribulation, the majority of which are self inflicted, violent, fear based kneejerk reactions designed to keep everyones destiny in the hands of a few? Where does a life form whose priviledged few feed on the sweat and blood of the powerless to protest masses that are too busy with basic survival in a world of manufactured concepts they had no hand in devising or sustaining, but were just born into, ...find the balls to ask God for anything, least of all mercy? A stinkin' life form that places God and love not in the center of life but at the periphery of living, relying on God to save them at the edges of despair, forever begging God to forgive them and show them mercy, is in line for little of the real thing.
It is with infinite despair I report this but unless you change your concept of God radically, and voice it now, you may believe whatever you wish but your end will not change.

While you watch.....You will be recycled.
Your voice then... will be worthless.... as you find yourself screaming....silently.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

It ain't easy

..to do what I do. It pays very few bills, but it obsesses me, even though I'm not very good at it. I hate president Bush for a living. What the fuck has America come to when an educated intelligent human being spends most of his waking hours wondering what the fuck has America come to? Perhaps we might spend a few moments remembering the days when we were delivered a war based on a clear and present danger that threatened the American people in the form of weapons of mass destruction. Two thousand five hundred dead brave American souls, and tens of thousands of collateral damage Iraqi innocents later, Bush has managed to create a global monster in the form of a united jihad against the United States. Where once there were a few there are now hundreds of thousands willing to give their lives for what they believe to be as just a cause as our courageous leaders consider the war on terror to be.
What either side fails to realize is that they are practicing a form of warfare that will leave both blind to any sane resolution called .."an eye for an eye". It is already apparent that both sides are already blind or mostly so, for they can't see that they are bringing about their own inevitable demise. With no distinction between the light and the dark they are bound up with fear and flail about wildly with their most terrible spears and clubs.
Asshole in chief is seemingly plugging the dyke of Rightwing disapproval, by flying the head of Zarqawi from place to place aboard "Sucks a bunch of fuckin' jet fuel One". The Fox network has it's mouth open for Bush to Fuck. I can see O'Riley and Snow fidgeting and squealing gleefully as they fumble with Bush's zipper to see which ones mouthing of the word Bush fits his swollen member more precisely.

While I'm thinking of Fox, Hey! Assholes.......Yeah you! Wipe the lip lube off your whore anchors. Maybe they aren't whores but you fuckheads sure pimp them up that way. If it's their own gig and you condone them you miss the point cause you missed the ethics required in your youth. Get it? It's like writing "FUCK ME!" on your mouth. If you don't get it and think I am a godless perverted liberal, your right, I gave up your war mongering, spiritually castrating, self abasing God many moons ago.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cats do Alberta ..challenge FEMA

Had we the brains of these two cats.
Binger, below, is 16 and Boogie, right, is 16 too.. They live with me on 5 acres of woods in north central Florida. Through all their years, since eyes closed kittens, these two elegant ladies have co-existed with Coral snakes, and Canebrake rattlers, Diamond backs and Moccasins. They share their water with the fox, the rabbit, the raccoon (I share lead with the raccoons), opossum, armadillo, and squirrel. They lay down with the fire ants, black widow, brown recluse, scorpion, and centipede. They never complain unless I miss mealtimes. In sixteen years they have graced me with their indoor presence maybe 2 weeks total. They sleep and shed in summer doldrums or storms, and grow fur alertly in the winter.Though neither like to be held, both love to be petted, but only on the porch which they consider common ground. Off the porch it is their realm and I am superfluous and suspect as to my motives.

Cheers to Binger and Boogie, Florida felines, unpampered, unfettered, unencumbered.
I learn a lot from them.

I had 5 inches of rain from Alberto in the rain guage, west of I-75 near Gainesville.

Ann Coulter

She is the cleanest little twit to douche through Jesus Christ since, well, since douching through Christ became fashionable. Big feet to walk on water. That gal can plane. She's a tribute to long blonde hair, mini skirts, long legs, tiny pouty little piehole, almost extraterrestrial looking. But wow what a heart, what a following, what a shtick. Ann Coulter, talk about witches, I imagine her thighs are no strangers to the warm glowing burnish of girthy broom stick snuggly pressed between them. Please no hat and just a mini skirt. May Ann ride the turbulent winds of her incessant blow hole to death. May she remember how much wind she had and how bad she blew, pursing tiny shriveled lips, fading like a blonde balloon let go by the fingers of life to fart her last wind from beneath that little mini skirt. And so God gave us a blonde bitch to hate. How convenient

Monday, June 12, 2006

Down here it's Florida vs. Everybody else

Fat Chance I'll leave this alone for too long. This topic is novel worthy, screenplay exotic, Elmore Leonard cool. That's hot. We'll kick your ass in football, then show you a prehistoric sunset that'll make your nuts squirm in the strangest way. Great place. More to come.
Orange and Blue.
What other state wakes up every morning and remembers that it's governor is the brother of the worst president in history. He's a great governor....Practically invisible until hurricane season. Know what? He will be president one day. You watch.
This nation is too dumb too nose led too obsessed with God and possessed by idiocy to see that it is on the brink of extinction as a nation of liberty and freedom and choice. Why do they hate us? We used to talk a truth we as a nation could justify by our image and actions. We projected hope and help to the eagerly watching eyes of the hungry and the tortured. Now we ignore defending the hungry in favor of defending the rich, and we clandestinely torture with impunity those with whose God we disagree. Old virtues, constitutional values, compassion based on need not on wealth, are not important to the rapturist army of ignorant right wing Christians.

You Fuckin' with my ISP

That's it. I've had it. Bell South can kiss my ass. I'm old school. No, I'm old pre school. Ask for service, pay for service, expect service. Bell gives great lip service but it stops on the hangup. Or maybe...........It is possible that Georgie's anti-Bush surfers told the NSA to tell Ma Bell to slip a sticky wicket into my inner workings and hidden mechanisms. No matter I will endure, cast aspersions, and continue to infuriate the Blackies. Why is change so resistant. Why are the Bushites shrugging off the signs of planetary eruption and chaos. They want it folks, they need it, They will do anything to maintain it. Their control over You demands it.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Lighten up reverend

Fuzzy little fucker flitting round the flower patch.

God gave him Zarqawi

"Oh thank you God. Oh thank you Jesus. I was beginnin' ta' think you .... no no ....I am president for a reason. Oh sweet Jesus this is fun. Thank you for killin' that Godless Beheader" Said George W. Bush. The man that kills while sleeping, eating breakfast, pimping dignitaries. The man that likes a good life takin'.........Taken in the name of God. He has that cool God that lets you fuck up all week and if you pay the man once a week you get your slate wiped every Sunday. Then you can take off to fuck up some more soon as you get past the preachers handshake and into the parking lot.
Would have been really cool if I had thought to use Zarqawi in my last post. Ah sweet serendipity, George gets a boost by the death of a one time peaceful man turned Jihadist by situations unique to the Bush Administration. I doubt we would have ever heard of Zarqawi or that Zarqawi would have become a Jihadist had not George W. Bush invaded Iraq and occupied it under false pretenses, or as some would say outright lies. How queer, how quaint, how George. But he and Fox can't get enough of it. Like the public display of the bullet ridden body of Jesse James, the face of Zarqawi is shown again and again and again, and every Fox digit flexes his own special flex bending and mentally mooning the bloated face of a dead man. Slathering and spitting their words of despise. Fox is a bloated violence promoting pompous ego forum for self righteous educated lunatics through Christ. Bush is a murderer again... wooppee.. farout... and the Shiite keeps hitting the fan. "Thank you Jesus." Said a very thankful Bush this Sunday morn. Catch the irony?
And a... George, what did you and God plan today?
So sorry for the half ass post, but that's all the half ass president gets for now.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sunday Bush

Hey George Bush! What are you doing today? Are you and God hashing out the details of some clandestine effort to reduce the sum of Republican suffering inside the Beltway? Or maybe you and God are working out the details of justifying Haditha. The devil got into them boys fer just a second and well ....It troubles me deeply.
Hey George Bush are you sweating or are you truly a psychotic lunatic planted by God to bring the vast majority of Americans, the faith based uneducated masses, out of the darkness and into The Apocalypse? Doesn't make any sense to me either. The only justification for the presence of George W. Bush as the leader of the free world that I can imagine is that God could give a shit about the crap Americans dish out as Christianity. He could care less about a country that tries to stuff its moral crap down the throats of every oil bearing Muslim country in the world. Thanks Asshole in Chief for creating the impression throughout the world that America is the problem, that peace is for pussies, that God is might. Hope I'm around when the world wakes up to the truth, and you are brought to task for your impertinent brutality and planetary provocations. These are ultimate times and you are ultimate evil.

While I'm thinking of it

Doesn't anybody get it? It,... the whole ball of wax. Do you understand what is happening all around you? Do you know that what's happening is you? Yeah. It is the you that is, that was, that has always been, it's you. It's what you do with that knowledge that matters. I think it's time to be revolutionary. I opened a t-shirt shop (yeah I know big fucking deal .... try it), that screams disgust and coarse contempt for the commiserated in chief, decider in chief, educator in chief..you know God's president. It's hard to keep up with what he's calling himself on your behalf in order to fuck with some new responsibility taken on in the name of God, Country, Freedom. This is horseshit. I can't write anymore......... basket ball is on.........go Heat. George Bush go fuck yourself and the ship you rode in on, you worthless pampered pussy. It bothers you deeply THAT YOU HAVE CAUSED MORE BRUTAL BASELESS SUFFERING than what?.. than you thought you would? I've got more diatribe for your sorry ass later ....tuf guy. The toughest thing you've ever had to do was quit smokin' crack and glugging booze. How's that second part coming by the way.

Whew.. there.............try it... give the little bastard a piece of your mind ..you'll feel better. I guartantee it. Or you could wear one of my shirts and says what you think, all day long, effortlessly.