Thursday, November 06, 2008

The End

This whole week has been the end...I mean the end.
So Fuckin far out that I really haven't digested it all.
Hardly any of the implications have hit me yet.
This is so heavy.
We will see so much now.
So much will happen.
Some good,
some horrible,
but so much is going to happen,
so dramatically.

George Bush, the Worst President In History, is on the way out and arguably the most extraordinary candidate in American history is the future MVP of this nation.
I am PROUD to be an AMERICAN once more.
I need to unload this gorge of history and my reaction to it now, now. It is important that we see ourselves evolve or devolve as we make contributions to history through this gigantic margin of the historians text. I hope to see my heart, my race, my intelligences change when I last look back to see the stains I have left left on the road of human evolution.

Fucking FOX and their concept of news. Their agenda. They suck. But are hard to turn away from. They are black on my, awareness of evil, color chart. Manchurian candidates all, except Combs.
The Gays protest that they can't get married. After being married, I think marriage needs to become more sacred again as it was when my parents married. But I voted against it in Florida anyway. I despise Flaming anything, Get your shit together and stop the flames and you will get better response from folks like me that see no real big deal about marriage these days , most people have been married too many times. What the fuck...breaking all those promises in front of god and everyone......if it is all that mundane then let them have some. Maybe the limp wristeds and female Billy Bobs can show us how sacred unions, marriage is carried out, how it's done.

Now Bush is saying Obama is going to get challenged during this period of transition. I wonder what he is planning. Or what has already been put in motion that only a few have knowledge of.