Friday, April 24, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

PROOF: 9/11 Inside Job Unbelievable! WTC/WTC 7 Towers Bombed

Maybe if enough of us post and talk and spill the beans as wide an thick as we can the truth will have to be addressed. We have been taken, lied to, and thought of as insect minded ants that will believe what the media politico mandates.
Fuck that. The evil in America is compassion less, indiscriminate, and hardened off, living beneath the veil of greatness, goodness.
Those of us awakening are the real Americans that cherish what is left of a once great and beautiful land ravaged by greed and PROGRESS. We are called unAmerican and treated to Bill O'Reily slathered sneers and ignorance embracing mania.
How can we question the official word?
Shall we listen to Bill O'Reily and the vermin at Fox and nod at their determinations about............everything.
Oh and Fuck you too Hannity, you smug turd.
How I hope they can one day be touched by the truth that far out paces their understanding of life and why we live it.
They won't make that life for me. I will play no part in their world.