Monday, April 30, 2007

Still sweating, still alive

Bush sucks!
It has been too long between posts. I am so full of diatribe but feeling somewhat contrite. As if any of you could give a shit.

We all know it is the beginning of May but do the rest of the planets occupants? Something is really different this spring. I can't put my finger on it and I really have no historical data to back me up. But something is very different.

Most folks have heard of the bee situation this year. Oh, you haven't. Well they aren't showing up....the bees that is. And no one is sure why. Some think it is a series of pathogens, some think it is due to the microwave towers that carry our cellphone signals. Maybe it's both. You surely know that it would only take about 3 years without bees and our food chain would fall apart.
It is said that every fourth bite you take is made possible by bee activity. Bees pollinate fruit and veggies. No pollination, no veggies and fruits. No veggies, no feed for meat. Let see no meat, no veggies, no fruit, hmmmmmm. Something isn't right when the estimate is that fifty percent of the nations bees.....just didn't show up this year.
Bush sucks!