Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gotta Pray for m'rigs

How fortunate for the Republicans. President Nimrod Fizzle Neurons says he and his Dick will have to forgo the convention because of the approaching hurricane, Gustav. He and Cheney will be monitoring the storm from his ranch in Crawford Texas. As we all know Mr. Neurons will be leaving office soon, but never soon enough, and his oil interests will become more of a day to day joy he can sit back and lavish in. This storm might interfere with that if it strikes the right oil concerns. I am sure he has the people of Louisianan at the top of his reasons for this over riding interest in a hurricane. But you know what? Me thinks otherwise.
No matter, McCain and the rest of the 5millionaires are breathing a huge sigh of relief. Fart Wad in chief, and sidekick Butt Plug, announced that they would not be attending as a result of the situation developing in the Gulf of Mexico.
Christ, if the hit on the infrastructure, or a refinery situation develops in which the price of gas hits 6 - 7 bucks or becomes unavailable, and a situation happens where in he believes we are in imminent danger from within, he has laws in place by which he can extend his presidency without congressional approval.
The convention becomes a moot point then.
Four more for Bush.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hey! George W Bush

Where the fuck has the aging idiot been. What the hell is he doing? Yeah he is at his ranch, but that has a secret underground tunnel to a hidden helipad, and he is outfitting his elaborate underground bunker. He is getting ready for what he has set in motion.
Man I am giving him too much credit. If anyone is conducting the preparation for Armageddon it's gotta be Cheney. Where the fuck has that weasel been. Dear god the two of them with such predisposed opportunity and underwritten authority, unavailable to the watching world, does'nt the owl eyed, and eared, media recognize a tremendous difference in the rhetoric flow emanating from the absent president? Our freedoms are being rewritten or revoked law by law, signature by 2AM presidential signature. The Constitution is being disassembled line by line as the power the president has given himself increases in the face of PERCEIVED DANGERS.
Dear God, sorry God, I might be perceived as a threat of a danger or a mental mutant so full of himself that he might write a blog and make it written in stone as it were.
I am no danger. I have been stripped of the capabilities need to even be considered fawn like. This is all I have. I can't even drive to the state line without pushing my budget into an alarming red color zone. I'll bet Bush doesn't even think about it when he fires up A-1. What it takes him to taxi to the runway and take off would probably keep me rolling for a year.
So, buy and proudly wear my shirts about how unproud you are!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thank You, Jerry Uelsmann

These images, photos are mine. I keep a shitty Sony with me all the time. Shitty Sony will be addressed at a future time. I was a student of Jerry Uelsmann, The darkroom Wizard, in the long time ago. He was in his early forties and full of himself. He was incredible. But that total vanity was impeccably unique which made him a silent mentor to me. Silent in that I could not let him know the effect or attraction as it were to his lifestyle and especially his knowledge of photography and his ability to effectively widen it's scope. His work sought perfection , especially in the darkroom. Composition it seemed to me, only came after a thoroughly, darkroom perfection, was achieved, and all his movements and involvements within it were choreographed into each of his digits. Google him. He was doing some really far out images long before layers were possible, cloning, and all that wonderful image manipulation software stuff we now take for granted poor dude. Must have hit him like a ton of bricks when he learned that programs were available to mimic his style and darkroom capabilities.
But the dude is brilliant and he has probably caught up. No doubt he finds it a compliment, to some degree. Maybe a great degree.
The girls loved him........or was it he loved the girls. It didn't matter much in the sixties.
Thank you Jerry, I think of you every time I pull the trigger on a moment, or make a new layer or clone away a bit of dust. You would not tolerate dust, and your work showed it.
The man virtually never used Spot Tone.
But you wouldn't know about that.
I do.


I love it! We have a storm named Gustav targeting the Republican National Convention. It might as well have been named Putin. Isn't Gustav a Russian name?
So Louisiana is going to suffer another deconstruction. All I can say is it's a lot like winning the lottery...I think..I never have. But the possibility that it could strike the Deep Pockets as they celebrate Richness and the New World Order is impossibly serendipitous, but fellow comet callers, here she comes, and we get to watch the ineptitude of our present President and his Cronies either scatter or toss the ball back and forth, all the while congratulating and Appreciating one another's, "good jobs", no matter what the fuck happens to the folks that have to evacuate. God does Bush do a lot of appreciating, and he makes sure that whomever he appreciates feels almost intimidated by the knowledge. He's like the Appreciator in Chief.
Remember what Falwell had to say about Katrina being a tool of God's to wipe out the sinners and homosexuals in the wards that were flooded. Wonder what he has to say about this one. What? Oh yeah! HE'S DEAD! Wonder if god did that too.
I'll keep y'all posted on what God does to me for writing this.
Have a great Labor Day Weekend!
That's the feeling from Newberry.
Song. Marrakesh Express,
Light rain, through the late afternoon sunshine. Florida.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stop the dialogue, grow your own......everything

How does one keep an open mind when all that surrounds one is so focused on relieving one of ones self and replacing it with a divinely articulated reactionary robot, not in touch with any human feelings other than keeping up, feeling distress, fear, panic ,and the feeling of being constantly overwhelmed. We are not ourselves, we watch ourselves, we have split in two in order to stay with the herd. We are overwhelmed to keep up and under paid to do so.
It is a system of brainwashing, keeping us too busy and distressed to do anything meaningful. Instead of meditation, most take out their confusion in the bars and meditate with friends and whiskey, or from their recliners with the beer station. And unless you began with some knowledge of the matrix, before your got lost in it, you are being treadled under or will soon be. You are being eaten alive by the media. And now even more apparent, you are beginning to wonder how you are going to eat.
HOW ARE WE GOING TO EAT IN THIS LAND of plenty THAT CAN'T GROW ANYTHING WITHOUT GETTING SHIT ON IT, AND THEN THROWN AWAY. We are killing the lively hoods of hundreds of thousands over the stupidity, or conspiratorial profundity of the ones that yank our chains.
And there are chains all over us that we are so unaware of but become so acutely, painfully, obvious when the invisible powers give a good yank. Wake up or we're all dead.

Then Meditate. Empty yourself of words as much as you can.....then again....then good as we can. Change will come. Awareness will telescope. Change will come.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just rattliing on my own time.

Now that you know me what is the game you would like to undertake? Everyone is excellent at something and that is your game. Everyone plays apart whether they like it or not. We, or rather you are most likely just a pawn in their game. The game the powerful play. I have no idea their names but you can see their decoys parade around as world leaders. Death is death no matter how it comes upon one. There are no rules to the game of life, the Master game. Those that play it earnestly play it the best and know the secrets pity to deal in death, they deal in power and we are the current. We are the ones that suppose that killing is unavoidable.
I do not agree. Killing is a choice that we make. But that we could never make had not it been demonstrated for us as part of the game. Killing is better than the fear of being killed. Fear is demoralizing, embarrassing and shameful.
We are current, we are herd, mob and mobs, maybe soon again fighting our own civil war. It is there right in front of you. Fear of the blacks that will always hate you and me. Whether this idea, this seemingly racist idea is supported can be experienced on any TV program featuring hip hop or Rap as I knew it. Tasteless aboriginal lusts, the flaunting of riches, the emotionless jabber or the passionate ravings of ignorant bastards is in a place of prominence and legitimacy that scares the shit out of me. All I can wish is the worst for them. What a waste of chemicals.
There is no excuse but fear for permitting vermin of of such limited consciousness to exist. I am ready to defend myself, and hope to perform well when targeted.

My how time and one gigantic moron infects all. What ever happened to the twin towers and all the sanctity that surrounded it. Now there are even attempts to joke about it. Does anyone remember the outrage we had for one bearded mountain man of considerable wealth. What was his name? Saddam, no, nailed him, even when he was hiding in a spider hole in some peasant's backyard, in the middle of nowhere......we found him. Then after months of humiliation, justly deserved, he was hustled away and grossly hung with derision and a base, animal, primitive conclusion....then given air time. And who was that other guy the one that brought down the towers? He must be that little dinky guy from Iraq's neighbor Iran. Little fuckers' got the bomb and a clear slate. He has permission to lie and absorb the world in his melodrama. He knows his God loves him for this, and he is made gloriously aware of the fact every time he draws the attention of President FUBAR, the world leader through righteous salvation, with the knowledge that his God has his back too.
I still believe that President FUBAR has a plan to stay the imploder in-chief. He has given himself the power to remain such through a series of presidential letters that have all but shredded the constitution in favor of continuing the same administration in the event of a national emergency or an imminent terrorist threat of a magnitude significant enough to stay the elections. The magnitude needed for such an action to be determined by FUBAR and his surrounding BLACKNESS, his closest Administration members.
Rattle, rattle, rattle, yeah I know I rattle. There are so many interconnections in the reactionary world matrix that have us by the ass, claws deep into the part of our mind THAT WE USE. That is all of it, for most.
Some though still remember that trip they took in the sixties or seventies, that changed their lives forever. It made them question everything. It permitted them a third person view of the matrix, for just a nano second. For a longer period of time it allowed them the concept of God, to interpret to their own needs and preconceptions, delivered to them during their own particular brand of parental or period type scholarly view brain washings, prevalent during the post WWII era when we trippers wee growing up. There was lots of chrome, lots of God, and no sex. There was no sex, and it was strange when one intimated that there was. I remember my first orgasm. Afterward I must surely have been consumed with the idea that something that felt so good could be so bad in the eyes of my parents and their God. I am sure that I buried that quandary in my subconsciousness to there after rot until I took that trip.
That's the way it looks from here in the path of Fay. Yep Fay was right over my house for awhile yesterday. I've only received only over a little over 6.5 inches so far. This storm was so good for Florida, not necessarily for all the folks living here. But for the State and it's freshwater lakes... WOW!