Thursday, October 12, 2006

Vote every incumbent out...or wait for the Goon's squad

What is there left to say? I say that every day and the same fucking answer surfaces, Bush is intent on making a last stand for the new world order. He will take us to a precipice from which we will have no option to retreat. We have all the ingredients for world calamity and we have very little attention for anything else. We are fighting for our very lives as the free middle class. We do it all and reap the least because we are always struggling for footing, never really able to stand without the help of the very systems that rely on our struggle to feed the machine that cripples us.
Please vote all incumbents out. Nothing will save us but ourselves and the only power left.
As for the rest of the world that understands what a blitzoid idiot is at our wheel, if he wasn't so damn dangerous he'd be laughed off the planet.
They hate us because they hate our demented and moronic president and God's Goon Squad. Do you blame them? Soon to be a T-shirt..........a black one.