Friday, June 15, 2007

Hell, No - I Won't Go!!!

This is a reprint. Very read worthy.
Very disturbing.

My name is Edgar J. Steele.

"Leave there. Leave there now. You don't have a lot more time..." Thus went a recent email from an expatriate American correspondent, writing from his new home of many years in Moscow, Russia.

I think he is right. I - we, that is - don't have much time left before the final crackdown comes. You know - the ultimate American police state. And, yes, it can get much worse. You have no idea.

Thus far, we have been complaining about the procedures, laws and bureaucracies being set into place. Just wait until they start to use them.

What's It All About?

Come on, it is obvious to even the most comatose couch potato that all this superstructure has nothing to do with deterring terrorism from abroad. It is about controlling us, of course. You and me.

What? Is that laughter I hear? Why us? Well, then, why are they doing what they are doing, then? Why must we get clearance from Homeland Security before we are allowed cross the border out of our own country, despite having valid passports? For that matter, why must we show a passport to leave for any reason in the first place? And why must we endure the indignity of those ridiculous searches before boarding airplanes?

Why are all the home-town police forces becoming militarized? I remember when the police were our friends. The town cop where I grew up actually helped me learn to ride my bicycle. Try to imagine that happening today. Consider how the attitude of cops has changed just in your own lifetime.

Why is the drumbeat to outlaw private ownership of guns growing ever louder despite overwhelming proof that violent crime erupts wherever guns are outlawed?

Why are our National Guard units, once exclusively reserved for domestic assistance, now all overseas with all their equipment? Who will help us when we most need help?

Why is America's border held open? Why are border guards imprisoned for catching illegals ferrying drugs into America? Why are those morons in Congress about to enact yet another amnesty for all the illegals now in the country? Incidentally, why doesn't "undocumented guest worker" as a euphemism for the criminals now crowding us out of our own health-care and welfare systems sound as ridiculous as does, say, "unlicensed pharmacist," when applied to a drug dealer?

They Say Poacher - I Say Patriot

Why are they now burying metal detectors in our national parks and forests? They claim that their fancy new satellite-uplink metal detection system, similar to those in use at airports, is designed to catch poachers. Poachers! Yeah, right - now there's a threat that deserves a high-tech solution.

Here's what the article at the above link says about the system: "A poacher carrying a machete or a rifle will trip the detector, which will send a radio signal to a nearby Internet gateway and then to the Internet via satellite. With real-time data, park rangers have a better shot at intercepting illegal hunting."

I'll give you long odds that this program has nothing whatsoever to do with poachers. Think far more conspiratorially, NWO-wise.

Damn - I'd like a setup like this around my place.

Truly, when they are emplacing things like this, you know that they have to be very near ready to enact the clampdown for good.

Poachers are no significant problem anywhere in Amerikwa. Dissidents, however, now that is a different story altogether. And why would dissidents be trekking through the woods carrying long pieces of metal? Have you ever seen the movie "Red Dawn?"

Leave Now...

Increasingly, Americans are pulling up stakes and moving overseas. I've considered it myself, long and hard. If I had moved when the need first became apparent to me, my family now would be safely ensconced someplace like western Argentina or, perhaps, the northern lake country of Italy, within a stone's throw of the Swiss border.

Against my better judgment, I allowed protests from my wife and children to overwhelm my natural instinct to keep them safe. Yes, there still is time, but not much, just as pointed out by my Russian-American friend. But, like you, they don't see the real danger even yet. Things still look so ... normal, after all.

Call it rationalization and acceptance, if you like, but I have decided to stay put. Call it a weakness.

The Real Contract with America

I was born into mid-1940s America. I grew up during the Fifties and the Sixties. America made a contract with me when it educated me and socialized me into its ranks.

More than once, I have sworn an oath to protect America from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Unlike virtually all American officials today, I served in uniform for nearly four years during the Viet Nam era. I lost many friends to that pointless American aggression, among them my best friend and college roommate, Tom Foster, about whom I now write for the first time.

Tom appears with his girlfriend Chris in the photo at the left. I took this in late 1967, one of only two I have of Tom, who died less than two years later in the fetid jungles of South Viet Nam ... for America. For nothing, as it turned out. Just as America's sons and daughters now die for nothing in Middle-Eastern hellholes. For nothing.

Nothing about Viet Nam was worth Tom's life, who was one of the most remarkable, affable and truly worthy individuals I ever have been privileged to know. And I knew Tom well. Twice I have visited the official memorial to the Americans who died in Viet Nam and viewed Tom's name on its wall. Twice I have cried for him. Tears well up now, as I recall my memory of Tom and the remarkable life he would have led, a life cut short by politicians just like those now deciding our children's fate. And then I begin, all over again, to get angry.

Just because America now is being forced, at gunpoint, to renege on its promises to me does not release it from its obligations. Under traditional contract law, when one party breaches, the other has the option to rescind the contract. Else, one can sue for what is called "specific performance" of the contract. Note well the word "option."

In contract law terms, I hereby elect to sue America for specific performance. You don't get out of it that easily, America. You owe me. And I owe you, too. Other than vote against the establishment for forty years, do a little pointless precinct walking for hopeless candidates, handle a few pro bono legal cases for the doomed and the damned and speak out as I have for years, just what have I done to prevent you from being taken hostage by the morons, incompetents and criminals now running things?

Hell, No - I Won't Go

This happened on my watch. I have a duty to help fix things when, finally, the rest of America catches up and sees the view from my vantage point.

So - send me a postcard if you choose to leave. I do understand and never will blame you for leaving a sinking ship. I'll just stay behind and help rearrange the deck chairs for now. But ... Hell, no - I won't go!

I have work to do and I'm just getting warmed up.

It's too early to shoot the bastards, but I certainly advocate being ready to shoot back, just as our forefathers shot back near the Lexington Bridge, more than two hundred years ago. Though they already are imprisoning and killing us simply for being dissidents, we cannot shoot back until they start openly killing us in the streets.

Impeach House Speaker Pelosi

We have work to do. We should start by impeaching House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Why Pelosi when there are so many from whom to pick? Because she is a symbol for all those creeps we replaced after last year's mid-term elections. Turns out, we just got all-new creeps. This is where I get to say, "I told you so."

But these all-new creeps are even worse because the only mandate they possibly could claim was to change things! And they haven't. In fact, they have made things even worse, if you can believe it.

After all, this is how our system is supposed to work: we elect representatives and they do our bidding. This is supposed to prevent the need for violent, revolutionary change.

We said, loud and clear: We want our government changed. We want our sons and daughters back home, out of harm's way in that stupid "War on Terror" in the Middle East. War on Terror - what a joke! The only terrorists, it turns out, are American.

Before Bush, I thought Republicans were almost as bad as Democrats. For five years, I then believed that Democrats were almost as bad as Republicans. Now, once again, Pelosi has shown me the light: Republicans are almost as bad as Democrats.

When Thoughts are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Thoughts

Consider carefully the following, which I fashioned from a popular anti-gun law slogan: When Thoughts are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Thoughts.

Our all-new creeps on the left side of Congress just passed the newest version of the recurring Kennedy Hate-Thought-Crime bill. Frankly, I forget who sponsored it this time and I am ignoring the ridiculous name they gave it in this incarnation.

Now the even-more-Jewish-than-ever-controlled Senate (I refuse to call them the right side of Congress, because they represent the very antithesis of both meanings of the word "right") has vowed to pass this thought-crime bill and render it unto Caesar ... er ... Bush, who has promised to veto it, thereby underscoring my new-found belief that Republicans are only almost as bad as Democrats. Yet another act of treason from Speaker Pelosi.

Come Think with Me

Come think with me, fellow outlaws. I know that is what you are because every American now has become an outlaw. It no longer is possible to go through a single day without breaking too many laws to count.

The proof that 9-11 was home-grown now is conclusive, which means that our troops should be marching on Washington, DC.

Our all-new creeps have had a year and all that has happened is that things have gotten much, much worse. More American deaths. More record deficits of every sort. More criminals given the red carpet treatment. More out-of-control Bush/Cheney/Chertoff/Gonzalez, the unholy four Riders of the Apocalypse.

And less freedom for you and me, of course.

Our all-new creeps could have ended the war somewhat gracefully long before now. At any time! In fact, what they have done is to vote more and more money to fund the war! The recent gargantuan military funding bill is a great example. Did the Democrat-controlled congress vote it down? No, they approved it, though the only sure way to stop a war is to cut off its funding.

They Simply Could Have Talked this War to Death

Democrats' claiming that they could not have gotten the votes to surmount a Bush veto of the military funding bill is both a lie and a subterfuge. They didn't even need to vote it down. All the Democrats had to do was to start a filibuster and prevent it ever coming up for a vote. That's it. Talk it to death. But they wouldn't even do the one thing they know how to do!

Impeach Bush and Cheney? Sounds good to me. Problem is, then we get President Pelosi. And what she and her fellow all-new creeps have done is criminal beyond words. They were sent to fix things and, like the cop who drops his trousers upon finding a rape victim lying in the bushes, they actually have made things worse!

New America! An idea whose time has come.

My name is Edgar J. Steele. Thanks for listening ... and thinking. Please visit my web site,, for other messages just like this one.


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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I"ll bet that Bush drives in the left hand lane.

It was an inside job. It's a slippery wicket for them now. That said we need to talk about Bush ass holes in big guzzlers, that hog the center two lanes of traffic, here on the interstates in Florida. I love the State, the roads .........I loathe the 80 percent of the drivers that occupy them.

All morons in denial, or the privileged twenty somethings to forty somethings, or whatever fucking inane stubborn born stupid wheel twister, driver simpleton, who blocks the good driver that wants to get somewhere, by camping in the left hand lane just what the fuck he is thinking he's accomplishing for himself or anyone forced to follow or pass him on the right, I am left clueless. I am totally sick of the fuckers. Most have half scrapped off dirty Bush 04 stickers on their cowcatcher bumpers.

I have so much to say about left hand, for the hell of being there, drivers. Here's some pointers, shit for brains.

I know that when there is a three lane road you drive in the middle too. Lets start there. Driving the speed limit in the middle is the most dangerous lane on the road to drive so in. There are cars on both sides of you and therefore three ways to get creamed.The guy on the right hits your you hit him and the same for the guy on the left, oops thats four ways to get creamed in any out of control or avoidance situation. And I forgot to mention fast deceleration caused by a heart attack the moron in front of you has just suffered, and you with cars on both sides, and no lane to pull over into.. Lets wrap it up for the middle lane, I could give you scenario after scenario I have zigzagged through leaving them flustered and confused but not enlightened enough to make changes.

If you drive there for extended periods of time with no concern for those passing on both sides, you are a perfect example of why America is a country full of fucking idiots without enough commonsense, enough awareness to understand the danger, and the "pissing off "they do by setting their cruse control at a mile under the speed limit and lumber along into who knows what clog club of other brain dead idiots that fall in line with the moron, often stretching a half mile .............blah blah.
Now the dinks that think they are going so fast that they own the left lane. Even though your front wheels are hinting at the roof of their Mazda THAT YOU WANT BY, they will not move. They force a sneering pass from me as I go by in the right lane, in the middle lane. And when they play games at those speeds, I quickly head for the far right hand lane and leave them boxed in by there own deliberate driving deeds. I pray for their quick an ultimate demise before they fuck up some poor fellow just trying to get somewhere.

Hey butt face the left lane is almost as dangerous as the middle. Your exit strategy in the event of your moron friend on the right deciding to get in your space and you gotta cross the median at 85 with your low slung chassis lifting your wheels.. . Well as you spin into the oncoming grill of a Peterbuilt 22 I am going to be doing about 80 in the right hand lane, just making bettter than average time in the poor mans lane, the lane you can't seem to dare be seen in or to stay in for reasons of vanity me thinks.

How to become an instant good driver,
If you want to get somewhere in a hurry, stay right, it's virtually uninhabited. You use the passing lanes for the purpose they were designed for, and if you have to make a quick swerve, you can make is to the right, and you have nothing but emergency lane to navigate, and you stay under control and live, and you keep others alive, and everyone keeps, "keepin on truckin".

Get your shit together, all you entitled worthless twit and dink conservatives that think they can drive however the hell they want, and fuck everyone that challenges their indolences. Watch your rear view window closely, cause I am on the road and I won't let you forget what an ass hole you really, really are, if I get in a driving lesson with you cause I am gonna make you understand butt head.
When you look in your rear view and see the silver pickup with alligator jaws on the dash, get the hell over or suffer the humiliation to come.