Sunday, December 10, 2006

Wake the fuck up and start the revolution.

I guess it's similar to a volcano eruption, this blogging thing. Never having the release before I find it intimidating and in general like a quicksand. Struggle in it and it inevitably takes you ever deeper into a fuckin scary place. It's out there now, and for all the world I have signed my confession publicly. I hate the way the teeming masses have ignored the obvious in favor of some bullshit taught to them in an antiquated system that never updates. This is not the world we were born into. Hey! Everyone 60 or better this is not the world we inherited. Sure it was on it's way to hell in a handbag when we got it. The industrial revolution was long in the past. But couldn't anyone see the smoke. Could no one place what was happening within the cause and effect system. And now the government tells scientists that they may make no press releases that involve the environment or global warming or global dimming which is very well buried in all the, “it's historic,” rhetoric.

I was thinking the other day how it might have been had I been born into a time when the sun had a thousand years until it would burn out, not the situation as we perceive it, with a few billion years warmth remaining. Would we be more prone to action to save our asses or would we be believing as we do now, that if we turn our backs the problem will disappear? Well gang we have a situation. It's seems that the planet is accelerating in it's warming trend and within a few years, very few, we will be able to do nothing were we to so desire. I scream at you. Wake the fuck up and start the revolution.

Monday, December 04, 2006

A Fool and his Audience..

Who the fuck is he waving at? Bush and his fucking waving, his fucking ego, his fucking insecurity, finally aware that he is possibly the dumbest Bush since the fall of Neanderthal Bush. His speeches raise bile. His solicitations for appreciation of his appreciation for every fucking misery he has caused the world, his vile patronizing misunderstanding of the consequences of his hideous, poisonous, lie based fascist decision making makes me scream with angry disgust that he is permitted to continue. He is a liar murderer and criminal of the most sinister kind, and he wants yet to be dictator. If we let him he will. He will try with another 9/11 type incident to bring The Constitution to its knees and place any who question in custody. Watch your ass the demon spawn is still in charge and you are not.
Bolton quit, before being stuck to shit.

Friday, December 01, 2006

9/11 and Christianity, Two great deceptions.

It is pure fucking insanity the way we stand by and watch the crud machine at work. We watch and listen and get pissed and then we are asleep again. It's the way with instances of overload. The mind shuts down as the inability to make a circuit around the ideas the machine throws at it, overloads and feeds back. One can not stay conscious long without risking exposure. It's like a fucking radiation that attacks the common sense part of the brain and leaves it useless and defenseless against the pressure of the crud machine.

When one realizes the enormity of the illusion and the vastness of the automaton army of conquered, that do with conviction and ruthless moralistic faith, the evil maintenance for the runners of the crud machine, one is floored, or murdered, or just goes, not so quietly, insane. And since cleaning the crud of enormous deception from our mind can result in instant psychosis, it is with delicate urgency that those of us that realize the crisis and face it moment to moment, appeal to all that have ears to hear, STAY AWAKE, no matter the desperation and isolation that is involved. We will be useless in the tide of mass hysteria to cope with what the planners of the New World Order wish to accomplish, if we cannot stay awake en mass long enough to expose them.

The growing reality that we as a species may not be long in duration, has influenced another vibration based reality to surface to the imbalanced resonance it detects. That we are in the process of termination and erasure of every trace of our existence from the planetary record and that we are powerless to reverse it, has not gone undetected.

We are being led to the edge with promise of compassion, redemption, and ultimately paradise. We as a people are being asked by those that have been given the opportunity to lead, to take a leap of faith that unknown to but a few will bring about an end to the human experience as we know it.

I have been to the top of the mountain and we are not on it, nor was there ever any plan for us to be there.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Just mental masturbation.

Lighten up Rev. You are old and your time is relatively short. Why all the huff and puff and blow the White House down?
To tell you the truth I really don't know beyond the obvious. That being that there is a maniacal madman who has no ears to hear there. And the more he is provoked the more intent on war he becomes. That and that he uses the the overblown girth, the fat gut of the nation, the ignorant and spiritually vulnerable, to carry, spread, and administer his lies, his tyranny, his agenda.

Aaa.......that's why.

You see I started this millennium without the slightest bit of political interest, just making art for corporations, and some for myself in the woods. Making mountains out of concrete and steel, making molds of cannon or fish, I was busy with a theming company, making. Fabricating fake worlds large and small from stuff of the real world. What a business.

Drinking after work and leaving work early to drink and get back to the woods I was just sucking along on the cuffs of the money rich and ethically poor. I was a broken cog on a wheel that was disconnected long ago from any part of the machine that actually did anything other than keep me in beer and just drunk enough not to complain to any but other drunks. I was thinking very little.

But then again I was always anti establishment and maybe that is why the industry always used me but kept me at arms length. I was an artist not a project manager, though ultimately I did that too, but went back to being just an artist. And artists were just trouble in that industry. It was a republican world and I was a liberal and there was money to be made making magnificent pretty fake things for people to wander around and through, and kids to play on.

Then something happened in New York. It happened to the World Trade Center. Where else? And then it happened in Washington at the Pentagon and then again in Pennsylvania. And we all watched it happen or we saw something and then we were told what it was that had happened, and we were showed some more stuff over and over, and we believed them. I believed them. You believed them. Everyone believed them. But they knew not to believe themselves. For all the world they were the informed they had the knowledge and they had the proof. We believed them a little while.

I still try to remember what I thought of George Bush before that. I didn't much think about him at all. I didn't vote for him, but he was there and I had to deal with it like so many others that thought the popular vote meant something. So I ignored him I guess.

The machine was too well greased and the momentum too strong for a bunch of screaming liberals to make a difference. So we didn't. We were Americans fat and sassy, though the planet was going to hell in a handbag. Hell, no one knew the difference.

What the fuck was I doing? Nothing.

I am making up for that now, though I think this too will come back to me as; “What the fuck was I doing?” as well. Blogging is not the best use of time......however much there may be. But I never had the chance growing up to say much. And with this thing suddenly I am archival and part of history as it were. Farout!

As for history, the Mayan Calendar ends Dec. 12, 2012. I believe the Mayans called it Dark on High. It is the time of great astronomical significance. And we are but stardust are we not? I have much to do till then.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Where there is the will there is a way.

A pall of revulsion for the new and improved decider in chief still churns and roils deep within my gut just above the prostate. I've heard others complain of the same thing. Last week he looked for all the country like a little Hitler stumping in the bar rooms of prewar Germany. Now he's so warm and fuzzy. What's a revolutionist to think? I know what I think. Once a fascist always a fascist.

January can't come too soon. Another completely worthless excuse for a man will get his walking papers. That would be Bobble Head Bolton. Another questionable Bush appointee. All bluster and muster but joined the national guard during the Vietnam war saying he supported the war. Then later.... He wrote in his Yale 25th reunion book "I confess I had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy. I considered the war in Vietnam already lost.” Sounds like a cut and runner to me.

Well he'll get cut in January. Forces will be redirected. Wills will be broken and masks will be approached for removal. For Bush and his cronies, there really isn't anyplace to run and hide from the summons and subpoenas once the Castle starts to burn in earnest. So I wouldn't put anything past them, or their guile, or their lieing and deception, in a last attempt to throw up a Nuclear smoke screen and run into it. The last time I looked The Marshall Plan was still on the books, and ready for implementation.

No one of consequence is with you any more Mr. Bush. And those that were apart of your coven will soon be rendered harmless. Please come along peacefully.

Or will you just say to yourself........... “Heh heh what the fuck.” and hit the red button.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Now I'm scared again, Where is the asteroid?

Whoa! Aaa.....wait a minute.

Something is wrong here. It's like it was too stupid. If the post election analysts are correct, Bush really blew it. Why did he wait until after the election to do the very thing that would have recaptured the retreating horde of disillusioned Republicans? Why did he fire Rumsfeld a day late?

Why did he loose the vote of the TV evangelicals' rightwing lambs? Wasn't that the congregation so willing to go to war in the name of God? Onward Christian soldiers, free the oppressed and free the tortured masses with Bush holding the cross of Jesus and his God giving orders to go to war with the children of Allah.

Dear God, I pity the born again.. So burdened with Jesus that it might as well be a forbidden sexual tryst, finally breaking the back of the so impassioned and so becoming one. Wait that's happening now too. The higher you stand on gods money for heaven plan, the more you pay when you fuck up in public. Lot of that going on now. So much muck to think about.

But Jesus said forgive.

Whoa one more time..... all of this smacks of double crossing and a clinical plan and a paranoid man's delusions all turned on. You think it's all you can stand and all of a sudden something even more impossible begins to come into focus. If still water stinks of decomposition and gangrene then just stir it a little and watch the all the flies fall out of the air. All deeds done, all seeds planted, just a little ahead of schedule. Time to hunker down and watch the spirit of death, complete your mission.

You dumb Texas fool. Even an atheist knows that what goes around comes around. You determine the severity and complexion of your ultimate consequence . Sometimes the idiot has no clue to his situation in time or in eternity. He feels no effect no indication of the death smell of his breath.
And what the fuck was dodge ball buddy Karl doing to keep this situation from occurring to the Decider in chief in the first place. Scary little mouse.

It's all too convoluted, too sticky ripe, and frantic. Psychotic is a word that circles overhead.

Oh dear god what the hell is he going to do next. And what critical, beyond our control event will make it all go away for him, the shortsighted bastard.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Watching with growing trepidation and disgust.

I think Bush's nuts ascended on November 7, and haven't begun to return to their home beneath his ass yet. Nothing like dealing with stupid, alas the poster boy for stupid.
He sits across the oval office from the new Blue Face of checks and balances, wearing the composure of a temporarily worn out Rottweiler, smiling and slobbering of compromise. But the mind of stupid never stops grinding out new heh hehs, new poorly hatched blood lusts and new avenues toward ultimate chaos.
Stupid still wants to be the decider. He just has to wait till his do dads drop again and his brain blinks on like a slow warming fluorescent ballast. What are the "die on the cross or die" fundamentalist evangelicals thinking of this defeat by proxy? Oh that's right they're trying to unscruntch their assholes after the dreaded resurfacing of, Aggerts Disease.
As soon as their love muscle relaxes and they can take a crap with bearable pain they'll be back more moral oral than ever. The fundamentalist money sucking televangelists hypocrites and their hypnotized flocks will return with a vengeance. It's all so fucking funny so fucking tragic so fucking scary. Nothing worse than a forgiven Christian. Dangerous Mother Fuckers, Father Fuckers.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hot Damn America I think we sent a message.

Hot damn and hallelujah and holy fuck, I think we are gonna do it. Now it gets fun. Now we get to see just how far the Thug Squad will go. When hearings and committees are called for to finally reveal the clandestine deceptions and horrible truths of the Bush administration.
I wait for the knock at the door, my freedom to be ended, but now I know there are others, thousands and thousands of others, that are celebrating the beginning of the defeat of Bush politics, Bush lies and Bush Americanism.
He is the face of the ugly American and his presence as figure head for the USA begs me to puke. If I could only do it on the Rose Garden lawn. Better yet on his wingtips.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Vote every incumbent out...or wait for the Goon's squad

What is there left to say? I say that every day and the same fucking answer surfaces, Bush is intent on making a last stand for the new world order. He will take us to a precipice from which we will have no option to retreat. We have all the ingredients for world calamity and we have very little attention for anything else. We are fighting for our very lives as the free middle class. We do it all and reap the least because we are always struggling for footing, never really able to stand without the help of the very systems that rely on our struggle to feed the machine that cripples us.
Please vote all incumbents out. Nothing will save us but ourselves and the only power left.
As for the rest of the world that understands what a blitzoid idiot is at our wheel, if he wasn't so damn dangerous he'd be laughed off the planet.
They hate us because they hate our demented and moronic president and God's Goon Squad. Do you blame them? Soon to be a T-shirt..........a black one.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

1st The Marshall Act then Dictator Bush

What a fucking lousy time to be an American. Man only six and a half years ago I was laughing my ass off at Clinton, while watching Newt and the boys find a way to impeach the guy over a blowjob. I shoulda known then that we had a capital full of drunken lazy sots and wife beaters and child porn droolers that could give a shit about anything that wasn't greased with green, or gave them a platform to use the morality whip to caress the Christian right's lazy buttocks for not taking him out of office completely.

We are such a nation of losers, trusting the sacred nature of our freedom and liberty to a bunch of cocks on dunghills. These are men that have made certain that you think their shit doesn't stink. They have smoothed every pesky hair of your idiot based core of morons that comprise the majority of American.

We multiply like rats and we don't seem to take much care as to what genes we are combining. That part of human responsibility we seem to have forgotten. You know the one that Hitler took to the extreme. You know you take two pretty people and stick their genes together and wa la you have a hardy human being with a descent head on it's shoulders. Well in Rural America we are breeding a class of individuals that has through the sheer will of their idiocy brought the education system along with them. If you go a few miles out of the cities out of your locked gate communities you will observe the condition of which I speak. It is a Jerry Springer Show for half of the population from coast to coast twenty four seven.

Shit this is going nowhere fast but there are things that will become apparent over the next 2.3. We are fucked if you think Georgie Boy is gonna let things go back to how they were do you? When we had freedom, and less wiretaps and less secrecy and less corporate demigod centers of influence, and no patriot act of fools? Fuck They are all criminals and I could give two shits for 98 percent of the jackasses we call politicians. Fuck politics, it is no solution for anything because he who has the the bigger stick enforcing their solution the more likely the solution to be theirs.

They buy and sell alliances with radicals of third world countries as fits their clandestine aims. Bush wants all this war and all this rumor of war and all the fundamentalists to create chaos among the illiterate lambs and presto chango Marshal Law............Bush forever and the New World Order begins.

Fuck fuck FUCK

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Commence the Campaigns

Strike while you have an Iron.

This world, as some of you seem to know, is in dire need of our attention, nay, our compassionate rescue. We may stop the wars. But unless we stop the warmongers and the ruthless greed of mega corporations our time of complacency without responsibility is drawing to an end.
It is with deepest regret that I have come to the conclusion that government of, by, and for the people, has long vanished from this earth. We as a nation have accomplished exactly what our forefathers knew we would. No, I do not believe they were saints.
In the words of H.L. Mencken. He wrote this on 26 July 1920 ......He died in 1956.

"The larger the mob, the harder the test. In small areas, before small electorates, a first-rate man occasionally fights his way through, carrying even the mob with him by force of his personality. But when the field is nationwide, and the fight must be waged chiefly at second and third hand, and the force of personality cannot so readily make itself felt, then all the odds are on the man who is, intrinsically, the most devious and mediocre — the man who can most easily adeptly disperse the notion that his mind is a virtual vacuum.
The Presidency tends, year by year, to go to such men. As democracy is perfected, the office represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. We move toward a lofty ideal. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.."

I am not sure that Colbert Stewart can change the course of human events already so deep into the chaos. But if anyone can it just might be these two most unlikely candidates. Besides if we are to have no say about living life on this planet or about the life of this planet then I wish to go out smiling........No, laughing out loud, and proud.
..... once a proud American.
Questions and suggestions email: Webmaster

Help me make this site all the uproarious fun we can, or make it really happen. Contribute your ideas and your skills. You're the people of "We the people".
Thank you Reverend, for providing the rarified atmosphere for this historic campaign launch. A cabinet spot is waiting in "09" ole bud.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dumbya! Eat shit and die!

What the fuck goes through his demented mind as he spouts remorse for the innocents that are laid forever to rest by his blunderings, and fuckups. He says "the American people feel your pain my president" Don't you dare talk for me you unelected piece of daddies drip. This American will never share your values, your religion, or anything that has to do with the evolution of such world rendering fungus as you. You will never speak for me, you will never speak for anyone that values life above political diatribe that hides and obfuscates the true ideological madness in your method.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Lighten up Rev..

So much to see if you look closely, just remember ..... you have eyes.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Post rapture planning takes shape.

In Bush's fourth term the Washington Monument under went a face lift, complete with bleeding nail holes....... every hour on the hour.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

hey... lion and the

I get to see this every night. The frogs emerge from the stegasaurous's mouth and wait untill I turn on the porch light to launch. They make their way across the rose ..pause.. things that the roses grow on, then along the house and finally, perch on the iguana tail curled beneath the lantern.
Then they feast.

Wrap them around this one

In March and April the Bumble Bees can not get enough of the Azalea blossoms a step from my front door. They would literally lie in the trumpet petal with their legs spread flat against the inside of the blossom, sipping at the bottom of the stamens in the deep center. Most were oblivious to me with a lense less than 3 inches from them.

It'd look great on you

I was once meek and mild.
Now I'm a raving lunatic.
Why you ask.

.............AND I'M AN AMERICAN!

How the fuck do you think the fucking rest of the fucking world feels? Mr. Twonuts has everyone in a snit with his behavior his demeanor his swagger and smirk and above all they are scared shitless of his war mongering rapture based conscience inspired acts of idiocy.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Ok.. sooo Back to business.

Dick Nose lives, beware......
Hasten to build shelters, do not make loud noises. stay indoors and away from the computer, further than 10 feet is preferable. Do not under any circumstances answere the phone. Sheeeez, don'do that.

If discovered, go to the Southwest corner of your dwelling , stack all your heavy things around you, furniture, books and magazines. Pad the inside with clothes and linens, towels, anything you can find for padding. Take three long deep breaths, bend over and grab your ankles, put your head between your knees.....
...and kiss your sweet ass good-by.

Lighten up reverend...

I am so lucky to have these eyes, so burdened with using them. It is a trust between me and the critters
and The Great Spirit.

And Judy

Friday, July 07, 2006


..oops...I did it again.


Having fun with dickhead. Now I need a caption. Help!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Fuck the poor, feed the rich

There is no competing with the big boys. The population is stratified and arranged such that all ladders up or out of where you are, are broken just below the point of extension. So high, is all you can go. When one reaches the top of the broken ladder one meets the ladder breaker or maker, I can never keep those two straight. You can't go higher till you sell your soul to the ladder maker.

The air above that point is rarefied to the point of uselessness and one must depend on potable air or descend. It is a toxic place this area above your old broken ladder that you have climbed so forthrightly to it's hastily chopped top extreme. Climbing above this point requires many things to be observed and done. The safe zone is below. To be above will demand sacrifices, of the soul.
Eh....What the fuck. That's where the powerful reside. Undermining begins at the top. Vote Blue, Please. Amen.


Crazy moth huh? A little like a Guinea pig. Frogs all around him eathing other moths but not molesting this fellow. He remained in the same spot for hours while carnage went on all about him, her, it.

Frog caught a glimpse of himself in the lense.
When I questioned him about the moth he psyd "hairballs".

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hey! George W. Bush.....yeah you!

Got him in the sights of my peace gun. He's all but bagged and mounted.

You can buy this bad baby at Anti-Bush Gear Headquarters

Saturday, July 01, 2006


I just call him

Happy 4th........year in Iraq.

Buy this design here.
Can you feel the terror in the air?
Damn it all. When I was a kid, the fourth was singularly the third no fourth best holiday of the year. First was Christmas, then Thanksgiving, and Halloween was really special. Then came the most exciting of Summer's days, the 4th of July. Exciting because we would all go around and blow stuff up all day, and shoot bottle rockets and roman candles everywhere.
Even though it was illegal, and I lived in Ohio, and my father was a cop, it was OK this one day to light cherry bombs and ash cans and all sorts of long strings of firecrackers, that were savored one black cat at a time, one ant mound at a time, one over turned empty soup can at a time.
At night, after burgers and ice tea, back then, there was no building clutter between me and an amusement park 5 miles away, and every one on our block would stand out on their barbecue patios with tea in hand and watch the fireworks go off over Myers Lake. You would see the flash and the reports would take forever to get to you. Damn it was a blast.
It was 1960 and I was 14. Ike was the president.
And I bet Bush was blown' up stuff too. He was a kid about that time too. I bet he blew up kittens. He's still blown' up stuff and the 4th has lost some glitter as these freedoms we celebrate, slowly through fear and ignorance are allowed to erode and it isn't gonna get better any time soon.
Fireworks in the neighborhood just piss me off now. There's a zillion buildings between me and the nearest free fireworks display. AND THE CLUSTERFUCK GOES ON..and the beat goes on.

I shoot my gun.
Organized religion is a crime. Televangelists are vermin preying on the miserable masses, bleeding them of their resources, enslaving them with guilt.
Then there is the warmonger in chief who quite frankly but discretely entertains the extreme religious right, and fundamentalist Christians, who seeks divine guidance and feels that it is forthcoming, who ultimately sees himself as a tool of God. He believes in the rapture, therefore the idea of conserving and preserving the environment is a moot point. The fires of Armageddon will do nicely to prepare the earth for the time following the return of Jesus.
Do you understand how stupid and moronic all this rabba dabba sounds. But as God awful weird as it seems you can bet your bippy that Bush is the center of the storm and he likes it. So did Hitler and I don't think Jesus cared much for him either.
But Jesus was a left wing hippy type that preached peace and love and forgiveness. He wouldn't recognize what Christianity and it's servants and devotees have become. If he does, He's pissed and somebody is going to hell that thought the road to heaven was stretched out ahead clear as day.
For those of you not afraid to speak out against the extremes and delusions of organized religion there is a site that has your message ready to wear. Shitto Shinola - Ruthless Gear Outrageous but true.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Three's a charm

Some shit huh? It's a fact. The ancient Mayan chose December 21st, 2012 A.D. 11:11 am GMT.
as the end of their long count calendar.
Why 2012?

And it was in the year of two thousand and twelve that the greatest superpower in the world elected to bring to it's helm another Bush. The world ceased to exist as we knew it 4 days before Jesus's birthday that year.
What happened then? I'm still ciphern' on nat'un.

It's the day a comet hits the moon, acording to Joel Keene's coincidence-inspired novel, Cosmic Locusts. Guess who the Comet Caller is?

It is the Purge and end of the Fourth World according to the Pueblo Indians.

It's really, really, something to think about, maybe even prepare....your soul for. Some think The World Will Not End but transform. May they be right.

Oh, and yes I know that Montezuma was an Aztec. Everyone can identify with Montezuma's revenge, but few would get Pacal's revenge.

Monday, June 26, 2006

You may believe what you will.

I will keep my options open. Conspiracies, you doubt. I believe some if not most exist. News accounts you believe. I doubt some if not most. I even question what I see, being quite sure that I am not running the projector.
As a life form we are so close to annihilation yet we concern ourselves with such base and meaningless matters. A life time is no time at all once gone. A long life time, say 90 years is no time at all considering that five and a half such life times is all it has been since a group of soggy Spaniards slogged onshore in an unspoiled, verdant, paradise. In five and a half such life times it has been stripped and choked, drained and burned, plowed and paved over, until it no longer resembles anything but folly, a glutinously consumed and discharged waste of water and land.
What will it take to wake the people to the planet. Comet callers and asteroid advocates think they know the answer.
It's too bad we didn't notice all the bad decisions we were making. God blessed us. And then we fucked up and pleaded with God to bless us again, and again, and again, and we got complacent with being forgiven then fucking up again. It was easy. The biggest Fuckups even made a day to ask for it each week. Sunday. God is pissed now. He doesn't like being on the edge of your life where the problems are. He likes the center, where he can vaporize them as they arise.
Whether God is willing to risk making any more mistakes with us again is the big question. That we will continue to make them is all but assured.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hey! George W. Bush.....yeah you!

I watched you flounder at the mike in Hungary. There you were, right in the very center of history. Like you couldn't resist giving that I'm to dumb and stupid to give a shit stage presence a work out, could you asshole? You make me want to puke, I have no idea how much freedom you enable the rest of the worlds gag reflex, with your banty rooster posture, and the slimy smirking smile of indifference you use to punctuate your singularly dictatorial points.
You twerp, stop talking like no one is smarter than you, that no one must miss a single boring rhetorical thoughtfully deficient thing you have to say. You act like, "Where are you world?" You remind me of every idiot bully with a big club and a short fuse. You threaten with the unfathomable might you temporarily command, to rip asunder the world if any affront to your wishes does not do as you say it had better. You listen to no one but those you have put in place to feed your diminutive beast and your enormous ego. You delegate your inaptitude to inaptitude with impunity. Your gavel is a cross and we should all be terrified at your God's ability to keep you healthy and at the point of the most unhealthy crusade against evil by evil ever recorded. You have redefined evil to include any resistance to your designs. Is this not so Mr. B-word?
If I am not in agreement with your international positions on good and evil, who is to be challenged with deadly force and who is to be given shelter, with taking from the working stiff and giving it to the rich, then it is a sure sign that evil exists within me. Is that not correct? Hey George W. Bush ....... Yeah You! Answer me asshole.

Monday, June 19, 2006

We think we don't stink

But in truth we are not even as concious as ants. Ants don't have the "I ME MY" concept in their world to get in the way of results.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Lighten up reverend...

I am so con- fused. But at least I'm not George W. Bush.

God is busy........ deal with it.

Loathsome fuckers these Red Folk... Real fundamentalist.. Falwell/ Robertson warriors for God. God's getting lots of press these days.

In truth "God" is busy elsewhere. There are in neighboring corners of the galaxy, planets whose inhabitants took the hint handed them during the folly of their particular evolutions, and kept their planet in order, or at least made a concerted effort to do so in the face of the usual birth pains of any planetary system's ordering and eventual colonizing. Why should God expend any effort or loose any sleep over a life form that relies consistently on God to bring them through this trial or that tribulation, the majority of which are self inflicted, violent, fear based kneejerk reactions designed to keep everyones destiny in the hands of a few? Where does a life form whose priviledged few feed on the sweat and blood of the powerless to protest masses that are too busy with basic survival in a world of manufactured concepts they had no hand in devising or sustaining, but were just born into, ...find the balls to ask God for anything, least of all mercy? A stinkin' life form that places God and love not in the center of life but at the periphery of living, relying on God to save them at the edges of despair, forever begging God to forgive them and show them mercy, is in line for little of the real thing.
It is with infinite despair I report this but unless you change your concept of God radically, and voice it now, you may believe whatever you wish but your end will not change.

While you watch.....You will be recycled.
Your voice then... will be worthless.... as you find yourself screaming....silently.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

It ain't easy do what I do. It pays very few bills, but it obsesses me, even though I'm not very good at it. I hate president Bush for a living. What the fuck has America come to when an educated intelligent human being spends most of his waking hours wondering what the fuck has America come to? Perhaps we might spend a few moments remembering the days when we were delivered a war based on a clear and present danger that threatened the American people in the form of weapons of mass destruction. Two thousand five hundred dead brave American souls, and tens of thousands of collateral damage Iraqi innocents later, Bush has managed to create a global monster in the form of a united jihad against the United States. Where once there were a few there are now hundreds of thousands willing to give their lives for what they believe to be as just a cause as our courageous leaders consider the war on terror to be.
What either side fails to realize is that they are practicing a form of warfare that will leave both blind to any sane resolution called .."an eye for an eye". It is already apparent that both sides are already blind or mostly so, for they can't see that they are bringing about their own inevitable demise. With no distinction between the light and the dark they are bound up with fear and flail about wildly with their most terrible spears and clubs.
Asshole in chief is seemingly plugging the dyke of Rightwing disapproval, by flying the head of Zarqawi from place to place aboard "Sucks a bunch of fuckin' jet fuel One". The Fox network has it's mouth open for Bush to Fuck. I can see O'Riley and Snow fidgeting and squealing gleefully as they fumble with Bush's zipper to see which ones mouthing of the word Bush fits his swollen member more precisely.

While I'm thinking of Fox, Hey! Assholes.......Yeah you! Wipe the lip lube off your whore anchors. Maybe they aren't whores but you fuckheads sure pimp them up that way. If it's their own gig and you condone them you miss the point cause you missed the ethics required in your youth. Get it? It's like writing "FUCK ME!" on your mouth. If you don't get it and think I am a godless perverted liberal, your right, I gave up your war mongering, spiritually castrating, self abasing God many moons ago.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cats do Alberta ..challenge FEMA

Had we the brains of these two cats.
Binger, below, is 16 and Boogie, right, is 16 too.. They live with me on 5 acres of woods in north central Florida. Through all their years, since eyes closed kittens, these two elegant ladies have co-existed with Coral snakes, and Canebrake rattlers, Diamond backs and Moccasins. They share their water with the fox, the rabbit, the raccoon (I share lead with the raccoons), opossum, armadillo, and squirrel. They lay down with the fire ants, black widow, brown recluse, scorpion, and centipede. They never complain unless I miss mealtimes. In sixteen years they have graced me with their indoor presence maybe 2 weeks total. They sleep and shed in summer doldrums or storms, and grow fur alertly in the winter.Though neither like to be held, both love to be petted, but only on the porch which they consider common ground. Off the porch it is their realm and I am superfluous and suspect as to my motives.

Cheers to Binger and Boogie, Florida felines, unpampered, unfettered, unencumbered.
I learn a lot from them.

I had 5 inches of rain from Alberto in the rain guage, west of I-75 near Gainesville.

Ann Coulter

She is the cleanest little twit to douche through Jesus Christ since, well, since douching through Christ became fashionable. Big feet to walk on water. That gal can plane. She's a tribute to long blonde hair, mini skirts, long legs, tiny pouty little piehole, almost extraterrestrial looking. But wow what a heart, what a following, what a shtick. Ann Coulter, talk about witches, I imagine her thighs are no strangers to the warm glowing burnish of girthy broom stick snuggly pressed between them. Please no hat and just a mini skirt. May Ann ride the turbulent winds of her incessant blow hole to death. May she remember how much wind she had and how bad she blew, pursing tiny shriveled lips, fading like a blonde balloon let go by the fingers of life to fart her last wind from beneath that little mini skirt. And so God gave us a blonde bitch to hate. How convenient