Saturday, July 05, 2008

Hello Chil'run, Lets sing a love song.

It has been over a year since my last post. No one has posted a concern about that. I feel alone with my sentiments, rough and brutal, but never threatening enough for you real shit junkies to relate too. I am too frightening for your crowd. Not the kind of real that gets realized these days. These days.

I still think, but with diminishing returns these days. There fore when this one trys defining human involvement with the 'real world' (this means as defined and portrayed, heroicised and greased, by the scope of contemporary media, beginning with TV), this one is left speechless. That is my defense for thinking less. Thinking about, or worse, from within this greed/power induced reality of todays Mega Ants on a ball, one finds ones self in a meaningless and endless pursuit to keep up. That keeping up is the energy that focuses the collective consciousness of the worker ant millions serving the Mega Ants.............. on this small ball ........hurtling through a space.............. we are only beginning to understand ......and recognize the ultimate danger or infinite delight......... we are so near to .....on the razors edge...... of time, not a time, that we tend.....with our thinking or the silencing of it.....and our doing or harder, to do........with our  non doing. 

Stop thinking. stop your internal dialog, and then gather yourself together. Breathe and get back! Shake it off people let the gas crisis not panic us but teach us many valuable lessons we won't easily forget. Let this Poodle and Bulldog election teach us all that the total colapse of the 2 party system has happened, the people will never elect one of their own again. They will elect what has been orchestrated and love it. Let crumbled but unhumbled America,( Thank you George W. Bush for your contributions to world peace and humanity as the persona of our involvement with the many crises of human condition asking audience, and how you gave bottomlessly to the hungry, the misplaced and homeless, the threatened, assaulted, raped, and maimed, masses on other more helpless shores.) that sits target and diamond like amid suffering and death, remind us, and alarm us, and make us concerned participants once "he" is no longer technically our Commander in Chief.

I own the domain 12/21/2012endofdays. There is much written about the Mayan Calendar and it's near ending date 12/21/2012. I will be challenged to describe my feelings concerning this upcoming event. I have perceptions that require seminar. I have understandings that float in the future and are target for debunkers and so-called realists. We are quickly being sucked carefully unconsciously into the vortex of time and we are speeding up in a very real but unwordable way. 

I apologise for all inconsistencies and wacky streams of incoherencies....... but who really cares, kk

Sound it out phonetically.