Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I"ll bet that Bush drives in the left hand lane.

It was an inside job. It's a slippery wicket for them now. That said we need to talk about Bush ass holes in big guzzlers, that hog the center two lanes of traffic, here on the interstates in Florida. I love the State, the roads .........I loathe the 80 percent of the drivers that occupy them.

All morons in denial, or the privileged twenty somethings to forty somethings, or whatever fucking inane stubborn born stupid wheel twister, driver simpleton, who blocks the good driver that wants to get somewhere, by camping in the left hand lane just what the fuck he is thinking he's accomplishing for himself or anyone forced to follow or pass him on the right, I am left clueless. I am totally sick of the fuckers. Most have half scrapped off dirty Bush 04 stickers on their cowcatcher bumpers.

I have so much to say about left hand, for the hell of being there, drivers. Here's some pointers, shit for brains.

I know that when there is a three lane road you drive in the middle too. Lets start there. Driving the speed limit in the middle is the most dangerous lane on the road to drive so in. There are cars on both sides of you and therefore three ways to get creamed.The guy on the right hits your you hit him and the same for the guy on the left, oops thats four ways to get creamed in any out of control or avoidance situation. And I forgot to mention fast deceleration caused by a heart attack the moron in front of you has just suffered, and you with cars on both sides, and no lane to pull over into.. Lets wrap it up for the middle lane, I could give you scenario after scenario I have zigzagged through leaving them flustered and confused but not enlightened enough to make changes.

If you drive there for extended periods of time with no concern for those passing on both sides, you are a perfect example of why America is a country full of fucking idiots without enough commonsense, enough awareness to understand the danger, and the "pissing off "they do by setting their cruse control at a mile under the speed limit and lumber along into who knows what clog club of other brain dead idiots that fall in line with the moron, often stretching a half mile .............blah blah.
Now the dinks that think they are going so fast that they own the left lane. Even though your front wheels are hinting at the roof of their Mazda THAT YOU WANT BY, they will not move. They force a sneering pass from me as I go by in the right lane, in the middle lane. And when they play games at those speeds, I quickly head for the far right hand lane and leave them boxed in by there own deliberate driving deeds. I pray for their quick an ultimate demise before they fuck up some poor fellow just trying to get somewhere.

Hey butt face the left lane is almost as dangerous as the middle. Your exit strategy in the event of your moron friend on the right deciding to get in your space and you gotta cross the median at 85 with your low slung chassis lifting your wheels.. . Well as you spin into the oncoming grill of a Peterbuilt 22 I am going to be doing about 80 in the right hand lane, just making bettter than average time in the poor mans lane, the lane you can't seem to dare be seen in or to stay in for reasons of vanity me thinks.

How to become an instant good driver,
If you want to get somewhere in a hurry, stay right, it's virtually uninhabited. You use the passing lanes for the purpose they were designed for, and if you have to make a quick swerve, you can make is to the right, and you have nothing but emergency lane to navigate, and you stay under control and live, and you keep others alive, and everyone keeps, "keepin on truckin".

Get your shit together, all you entitled worthless twit and dink conservatives that think they can drive however the hell they want, and fuck everyone that challenges their indolences. Watch your rear view window closely, cause I am on the road and I won't let you forget what an ass hole you really, really are, if I get in a driving lesson with you cause I am gonna make you understand butt head.
When you look in your rear view and see the silver pickup with alligator jaws on the dash, get the hell over or suffer the humiliation to come.

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