Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hey! Happy Fucked Memorial Day!

Watch any of the spin today? Get with it America, get out there and wave those flags. Celebrate war. Well that's what most of middle America thinks today is for don't they? Most have seen only two wars till now, unless they are over 60, the Vietnam and Gulf wars. Two great wars, one lost one half heartedly won. When Bin Laden bombed us with some guys with box cutters, Bush chased him directly into Baghdad. We have had him cornered there for four years now. But we want the Iraqi police to catch him, cause he really isn't that important in the overall picture. We have decided to "take the war to every shore" in pursuit of the jihadists who killed thousands of Americans on American soil on 9/11. Bush has since been heard to call this war World War III. The implications are terrifying.
Wait. This is getting confusing. We chased Bin laden into Baghdad, and all of a sudden these Al Quaeda show up that Saddam Hussein had taken great pains to keep out of his country. But since Saddam, who must be hiding Bin Laden is hiding himself, we decide to give training to the Al Quaeda in the form of our weekend warriors brought to active duty to find Bin Laden in Baghdad. What am I missing about this?
Is it the facts? What are the facts? These certainly aren't facts. We have certainly not been given them. I am filled with bits of this fact and strains of that one depending on what the matrix has decided is the overall influence to be pumped to my senses this day. Who are we gonna kill and who is gonna die for what today? Are we still killing for Christ? Anyone seen Bin Laden? What do you believe about this "World War III"? What do you know
for sure? Do you think you could handle it if you learned your God was dead? Where do facts end and your beliefs begin? Why would someone take the time to make this?

I celebrate the warriors that fought the good fight. There are many. I celebrate the warriors that give their lives for one an other in the bad fight. I defy the leaders to justify the deaths of fine warriors in unjust war.

I defy our president, the dishonorable George W Bush Decider in Chief, to celebrate himself on this day for warriors.


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