Saturday, May 27, 2006

Seasoned greetings

Mid afternoon in the land of the gator. No rain for weeks. No negative ions to refresh, no smell of nitrogen in the air after a mid day thunder boomer. Cool. Hey if it's not raining we're not having a hurricane. I've lived in Florida since 1961. Until 3 years ago hurricane season was almost looked forward to. All we ever had were tropical storms and brushes with cat ones and twos. They were for the most part so benign that they rarely even made an impact on the lake levels. In fact it made the summer interesting. Summer is a very scary time here now. Someone will loose their life every year someone will be wiped out every year, and not just someone but many someones. It's like a lottery down here now only you don't want to win. I'm building a new dwelling on my five acres of north central Florida when this years hurricane season is over. It will be rated to 140 mph. I am 60 miles from the Atlantic and 45 from Gulf. That should be enough. But first I have to get through this season without being blown away. In 2004 with Ivan and Frances coming within 100 miles I lost power for 7 days. Last year we had no squirrels. The 4 storms that hit Florida in 04 blew the unripened acorn laden branches of all the oaks here to a pulp. There was nothing for the squirrels to hide in the fall nothing to dig up in the spring. This year I see a few more but where once there were 10 squirrels rummaging about in the leaf litter of my back yard there is 1 or 2, once in a while.

I'm gonna take a nap now. We need rain.

Hey I made a new t-shirt.

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