Monday, December 04, 2006

A Fool and his Audience..

Who the fuck is he waving at? Bush and his fucking waving, his fucking ego, his fucking insecurity, finally aware that he is possibly the dumbest Bush since the fall of Neanderthal Bush. His speeches raise bile. His solicitations for appreciation of his appreciation for every fucking misery he has caused the world, his vile patronizing misunderstanding of the consequences of his hideous, poisonous, lie based fascist decision making makes me scream with angry disgust that he is permitted to continue. He is a liar murderer and criminal of the most sinister kind, and he wants yet to be dictator. If we let him he will. He will try with another 9/11 type incident to bring The Constitution to its knees and place any who question in custody. Watch your ass the demon spawn is still in charge and you are not.
Bolton quit, before being stuck to shit.

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Chuck said...

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