Sunday, December 10, 2006

Wake the fuck up and start the revolution.

I guess it's similar to a volcano eruption, this blogging thing. Never having the release before I find it intimidating and in general like a quicksand. Struggle in it and it inevitably takes you ever deeper into a fuckin scary place. It's out there now, and for all the world I have signed my confession publicly. I hate the way the teeming masses have ignored the obvious in favor of some bullshit taught to them in an antiquated system that never updates. This is not the world we were born into. Hey! Everyone 60 or better this is not the world we inherited. Sure it was on it's way to hell in a handbag when we got it. The industrial revolution was long in the past. But couldn't anyone see the smoke. Could no one place what was happening within the cause and effect system. And now the government tells scientists that they may make no press releases that involve the environment or global warming or global dimming which is very well buried in all the, “it's historic,” rhetoric.

I was thinking the other day how it might have been had I been born into a time when the sun had a thousand years until it would burn out, not the situation as we perceive it, with a few billion years warmth remaining. Would we be more prone to action to save our asses or would we be believing as we do now, that if we turn our backs the problem will disappear? Well gang we have a situation. It's seems that the planet is accelerating in it's warming trend and within a few years, very few, we will be able to do nothing were we to so desire. I scream at you. Wake the fuck up and start the revolution.

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