Thursday, July 06, 2006

Fuck the poor, feed the rich

There is no competing with the big boys. The population is stratified and arranged such that all ladders up or out of where you are, are broken just below the point of extension. So high, is all you can go. When one reaches the top of the broken ladder one meets the ladder breaker or maker, I can never keep those two straight. You can't go higher till you sell your soul to the ladder maker.

The air above that point is rarefied to the point of uselessness and one must depend on potable air or descend. It is a toxic place this area above your old broken ladder that you have climbed so forthrightly to it's hastily chopped top extreme. Climbing above this point requires many things to be observed and done. The safe zone is below. To be above will demand sacrifices, of the soul.
Eh....What the fuck. That's where the powerful reside. Undermining begins at the top. Vote Blue, Please. Amen.

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