Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy 4th........year in Iraq.

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Can you feel the terror in the air?
Damn it all. When I was a kid, the fourth was singularly the third no fourth best holiday of the year. First was Christmas, then Thanksgiving, and Halloween was really special. Then came the most exciting of Summer's days, the 4th of July. Exciting because we would all go around and blow stuff up all day, and shoot bottle rockets and roman candles everywhere.
Even though it was illegal, and I lived in Ohio, and my father was a cop, it was OK this one day to light cherry bombs and ash cans and all sorts of long strings of firecrackers, that were savored one black cat at a time, one ant mound at a time, one over turned empty soup can at a time.
At night, after burgers and ice tea, back then, there was no building clutter between me and an amusement park 5 miles away, and every one on our block would stand out on their barbecue patios with tea in hand and watch the fireworks go off over Myers Lake. You would see the flash and the reports would take forever to get to you. Damn it was a blast.
It was 1960 and I was 14. Ike was the president.
And I bet Bush was blown' up stuff too. He was a kid about that time too. I bet he blew up kittens. He's still blown' up stuff and the 4th has lost some glitter as these freedoms we celebrate, slowly through fear and ignorance are allowed to erode and it isn't gonna get better any time soon.
Fireworks in the neighborhood just piss me off now. There's a zillion buildings between me and the nearest free fireworks display. AND THE CLUSTERFUCK GOES ON..and the beat goes on.

I shoot my gun.

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