Saturday, July 01, 2006

Organized religion is a crime. Televangelists are vermin preying on the miserable masses, bleeding them of their resources, enslaving them with guilt.
Then there is the warmonger in chief who quite frankly but discretely entertains the extreme religious right, and fundamentalist Christians, who seeks divine guidance and feels that it is forthcoming, who ultimately sees himself as a tool of God. He believes in the rapture, therefore the idea of conserving and preserving the environment is a moot point. The fires of Armageddon will do nicely to prepare the earth for the time following the return of Jesus.
Do you understand how stupid and moronic all this rabba dabba sounds. But as God awful weird as it seems you can bet your bippy that Bush is the center of the storm and he likes it. So did Hitler and I don't think Jesus cared much for him either.
But Jesus was a left wing hippy type that preached peace and love and forgiveness. He wouldn't recognize what Christianity and it's servants and devotees have become. If he does, He's pissed and somebody is going to hell that thought the road to heaven was stretched out ahead clear as day.
For those of you not afraid to speak out against the extremes and delusions of organized religion there is a site that has your message ready to wear. Shitto Shinola - Ruthless Gear Outrageous but true.

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