Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Three's a charm

Some shit huh? It's a fact. The ancient Mayan chose December 21st, 2012 A.D. 11:11 am GMT.
as the end of their long count calendar.
Why 2012?

And it was in the year of two thousand and twelve that the greatest superpower in the world elected to bring to it's helm another Bush. The world ceased to exist as we knew it 4 days before Jesus's birthday that year.
What happened then? I'm still ciphern' on nat'un.

It's the day a comet hits the moon, acording to Joel Keene's coincidence-inspired novel, Cosmic Locusts. Guess who the Comet Caller is?

It is the Purge and end of the Fourth World according to the Pueblo Indians.

It's really, really, something to think about, maybe even prepare....your soul for. Some think The World Will Not End but transform. May they be right.

Oh, and yes I know that Montezuma was an Aztec. Everyone can identify with Montezuma's revenge, but few would get Pacal's revenge.

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