Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Just mental masturbation.

Lighten up Rev. You are old and your time is relatively short. Why all the huff and puff and blow the White House down?
To tell you the truth I really don't know beyond the obvious. That being that there is a maniacal madman who has no ears to hear there. And the more he is provoked the more intent on war he becomes. That and that he uses the the overblown girth, the fat gut of the nation, the ignorant and spiritually vulnerable, to carry, spread, and administer his lies, his tyranny, his agenda.

Aaa.......that's why.

You see I started this millennium without the slightest bit of political interest, just making art for corporations, and some for myself in the woods. Making mountains out of concrete and steel, making molds of cannon or fish, I was busy with a theming company, making. Fabricating fake worlds large and small from stuff of the real world. What a business.

Drinking after work and leaving work early to drink and get back to the woods I was just sucking along on the cuffs of the money rich and ethically poor. I was a broken cog on a wheel that was disconnected long ago from any part of the machine that actually did anything other than keep me in beer and just drunk enough not to complain to any but other drunks. I was thinking very little.

But then again I was always anti establishment and maybe that is why the industry always used me but kept me at arms length. I was an artist not a project manager, though ultimately I did that too, but went back to being just an artist. And artists were just trouble in that industry. It was a republican world and I was a liberal and there was money to be made making magnificent pretty fake things for people to wander around and through, and kids to play on.

Then something happened in New York. It happened to the World Trade Center. Where else? And then it happened in Washington at the Pentagon and then again in Pennsylvania. And we all watched it happen or we saw something and then we were told what it was that had happened, and we were showed some more stuff over and over, and we believed them. I believed them. You believed them. Everyone believed them. But they knew not to believe themselves. For all the world they were the informed they had the knowledge and they had the proof. We believed them a little while.

I still try to remember what I thought of George Bush before that. I didn't much think about him at all. I didn't vote for him, but he was there and I had to deal with it like so many others that thought the popular vote meant something. So I ignored him I guess.

The machine was too well greased and the momentum too strong for a bunch of screaming liberals to make a difference. So we didn't. We were Americans fat and sassy, though the planet was going to hell in a handbag. Hell, no one knew the difference.

What the fuck was I doing? Nothing.

I am making up for that now, though I think this too will come back to me as; “What the fuck was I doing?” as well. Blogging is not the best use of time......however much there may be. But I never had the chance growing up to say much. And with this thing suddenly I am archival and part of history as it were. Farout!

As for history, the Mayan Calendar ends Dec. 12, 2012. I believe the Mayans called it Dark on High. It is the time of great astronomical significance. And we are but stardust are we not? I have much to do till then.

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