Saturday, November 11, 2006

Now I'm scared again, Where is the asteroid?

Whoa! Aaa.....wait a minute.

Something is wrong here. It's like it was too stupid. If the post election analysts are correct, Bush really blew it. Why did he wait until after the election to do the very thing that would have recaptured the retreating horde of disillusioned Republicans? Why did he fire Rumsfeld a day late?

Why did he loose the vote of the TV evangelicals' rightwing lambs? Wasn't that the congregation so willing to go to war in the name of God? Onward Christian soldiers, free the oppressed and free the tortured masses with Bush holding the cross of Jesus and his God giving orders to go to war with the children of Allah.

Dear God, I pity the born again.. So burdened with Jesus that it might as well be a forbidden sexual tryst, finally breaking the back of the so impassioned and so becoming one. Wait that's happening now too. The higher you stand on gods money for heaven plan, the more you pay when you fuck up in public. Lot of that going on now. So much muck to think about.

But Jesus said forgive.

Whoa one more time..... all of this smacks of double crossing and a clinical plan and a paranoid man's delusions all turned on. You think it's all you can stand and all of a sudden something even more impossible begins to come into focus. If still water stinks of decomposition and gangrene then just stir it a little and watch the all the flies fall out of the air. All deeds done, all seeds planted, just a little ahead of schedule. Time to hunker down and watch the spirit of death, complete your mission.

You dumb Texas fool. Even an atheist knows that what goes around comes around. You determine the severity and complexion of your ultimate consequence . Sometimes the idiot has no clue to his situation in time or in eternity. He feels no effect no indication of the death smell of his breath.
And what the fuck was dodge ball buddy Karl doing to keep this situation from occurring to the Decider in chief in the first place. Scary little mouse.

It's all too convoluted, too sticky ripe, and frantic. Psychotic is a word that circles overhead.

Oh dear god what the hell is he going to do next. And what critical, beyond our control event will make it all go away for him, the shortsighted bastard.

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