Friday, November 10, 2006

Watching with growing trepidation and disgust.

I think Bush's nuts ascended on November 7, and haven't begun to return to their home beneath his ass yet. Nothing like dealing with stupid, alas the poster boy for stupid.
He sits across the oval office from the new Blue Face of checks and balances, wearing the composure of a temporarily worn out Rottweiler, smiling and slobbering of compromise. But the mind of stupid never stops grinding out new heh hehs, new poorly hatched blood lusts and new avenues toward ultimate chaos.
Stupid still wants to be the decider. He just has to wait till his do dads drop again and his brain blinks on like a slow warming fluorescent ballast. What are the "die on the cross or die" fundamentalist evangelicals thinking of this defeat by proxy? Oh that's right they're trying to unscruntch their assholes after the dreaded resurfacing of, Aggerts Disease.
As soon as their love muscle relaxes and they can take a crap with bearable pain they'll be back more moral oral than ever. The fundamentalist money sucking televangelists hypocrites and their hypnotized flocks will return with a vengeance. It's all so fucking funny so fucking tragic so fucking scary. Nothing worse than a forgiven Christian. Dangerous Mother Fuckers, Father Fuckers.

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