Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hey! George W Bush

Where the fuck has the aging idiot been. What the hell is he doing? Yeah he is at his ranch, but that has a secret underground tunnel to a hidden helipad, and he is outfitting his elaborate underground bunker. He is getting ready for what he has set in motion.
Man I am giving him too much credit. If anyone is conducting the preparation for Armageddon it's gotta be Cheney. Where the fuck has that weasel been. Dear god the two of them with such predisposed opportunity and underwritten authority, unavailable to the watching world, does'nt the owl eyed, and eared, media recognize a tremendous difference in the rhetoric flow emanating from the absent president? Our freedoms are being rewritten or revoked law by law, signature by 2AM presidential signature. The Constitution is being disassembled line by line as the power the president has given himself increases in the face of PERCEIVED DANGERS.
Dear God, sorry God, I might be perceived as a threat of a danger or a mental mutant so full of himself that he might write a blog and make it written in stone as it were.
I am no danger. I have been stripped of the capabilities need to even be considered fawn like. This is all I have. I can't even drive to the state line without pushing my budget into an alarming red color zone. I'll bet Bush doesn't even think about it when he fires up A-1. What it takes him to taxi to the runway and take off would probably keep me rolling for a year.
So, buy and proudly wear my shirts about how unproud you are!

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