Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gotta Pray for m'rigs

How fortunate for the Republicans. President Nimrod Fizzle Neurons says he and his Dick will have to forgo the convention because of the approaching hurricane, Gustav. He and Cheney will be monitoring the storm from his ranch in Crawford Texas. As we all know Mr. Neurons will be leaving office soon, but never soon enough, and his oil interests will become more of a day to day joy he can sit back and lavish in. This storm might interfere with that if it strikes the right oil concerns. I am sure he has the people of Louisianan at the top of his reasons for this over riding interest in a hurricane. But you know what? Me thinks otherwise.
No matter, McCain and the rest of the 5millionaires are breathing a huge sigh of relief. Fart Wad in chief, and sidekick Butt Plug, announced that they would not be attending as a result of the situation developing in the Gulf of Mexico.
Christ, if the hit on the infrastructure, or a refinery situation develops in which the price of gas hits 6 - 7 bucks or becomes unavailable, and a situation happens where in he believes we are in imminent danger from within, he has laws in place by which he can extend his presidency without congressional approval.
The convention becomes a moot point then.
Four more for Bush.

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