Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thank You, Jerry Uelsmann

These images, photos are mine. I keep a shitty Sony with me all the time. Shitty Sony will be addressed at a future time. I was a student of Jerry Uelsmann, The darkroom Wizard, in the long time ago. He was in his early forties and full of himself. He was incredible. But that total vanity was impeccably unique which made him a silent mentor to me. Silent in that I could not let him know the effect or attraction as it were to his lifestyle and especially his knowledge of photography and his ability to effectively widen it's scope. His work sought perfection , especially in the darkroom. Composition it seemed to me, only came after a thoroughly, darkroom perfection, was achieved, and all his movements and involvements within it were choreographed into each of his digits. Google him. He was doing some really far out images long before layers were possible, cloning, and all that wonderful image manipulation software stuff we now take for granted poor dude. Must have hit him like a ton of bricks when he learned that programs were available to mimic his style and darkroom capabilities.
But the dude is brilliant and he has probably caught up. No doubt he finds it a compliment, to some degree. Maybe a great degree.
The girls loved him........or was it he loved the girls. It didn't matter much in the sixties.
Thank you Jerry, I think of you every time I pull the trigger on a moment, or make a new layer or clone away a bit of dust. You would not tolerate dust, and your work showed it.
The man virtually never used Spot Tone.
But you wouldn't know about that.
I do.

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Pomme said...

Love the sharp photos