Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stop the dialogue, grow your own......everything

How does one keep an open mind when all that surrounds one is so focused on relieving one of ones self and replacing it with a divinely articulated reactionary robot, not in touch with any human feelings other than keeping up, feeling distress, fear, panic ,and the feeling of being constantly overwhelmed. We are not ourselves, we watch ourselves, we have split in two in order to stay with the herd. We are overwhelmed to keep up and under paid to do so.
It is a system of brainwashing, keeping us too busy and distressed to do anything meaningful. Instead of meditation, most take out their confusion in the bars and meditate with friends and whiskey, or from their recliners with the beer station. And unless you began with some knowledge of the matrix, before your got lost in it, you are being treadled under or will soon be. You are being eaten alive by the media. And now even more apparent, you are beginning to wonder how you are going to eat.
HOW ARE WE GOING TO EAT IN THIS LAND of plenty THAT CAN'T GROW ANYTHING WITHOUT GETTING SHIT ON IT, AND THEN THROWN AWAY. We are killing the lively hoods of hundreds of thousands over the stupidity, or conspiratorial profundity of the ones that yank our chains.
And there are chains all over us that we are so unaware of but become so acutely, painfully, obvious when the invisible powers give a good yank. Wake up or we're all dead.

Then Meditate. Empty yourself of words as much as you can.....then again....then good as we can. Change will come. Awareness will telescope. Change will come.

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