Friday, September 12, 2008

No one said the Anti-Christ was a man did they?

Dear God, pardon the pundits that proclaim Obama to be the Anti-Christ, but looky heah', all you Hillary switch overs, this chick believes in creationism and that man did not necessarily create the Global Warming Threat. Oh you diligent overbreeders with brainless tendencies looking for a woman to make your life a little more like the shopping network you eat with bon bons, wake the fuckup. This woman is a maneater and she is bible brainwashed and I for one find that super fucked up. Look at that bitches eyes and the way she sucks that lip and sticks that chin out, she eats balls for breakfast and women will ellect her and call her saint. Listen to what she thought about being a VP couple of months back.

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