Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thank John McCain

It's a necessity that as many indecisive purples and reds as possible see this. It proves my theory that McCain can say what ever it takes to get the desired result. These contextual statements are irrefutable evidence that he is a bold faced liar, and that in no way is he intending to be a maverick or a new influence in Washington.
He is as guilty, if not more so, than the ones he says he plans to expose and publicly announce to the taxpayers... by name so that we may know he is cleaning up the good ole'boy influence peddling mess. May he be ever so bold as to place his name first, for as you have heard from the words of the great tortured United Statesien's mouth, that it takes considerable bucks to gain entrance to his office, his inner sanctum. Ethical? Hardly. But they all do it why should I be surprised. Lying is an essential part of our system of ethics, [I can't believe I just said that], and keeps the powerful powerful, and you and I spending all of our time and energy just surviving and sending out these internet, SOS signals. Waving our worded flashlights, wildly, passionately distressed, and bending under an impending sense of doom.
Watch me!
Read me!
Hear me!

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