Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wake up and smell the man...and woman

Hey all you infatuated Republicans, (especially you good ol'boys that want to do her), were she not your candidate,you know she would be unbearable. Listen to her voice. Her children obeyed out of pure dread of that voice in reprimand.

As a taxpayer I eat dirt, and lies, and corruption, and am expected to eat every last putrid bite with relish and gratefulness.... then not to puke.....
......the greatest country in the world,
is greatly fucked, and you and I...........
well .. we take it in the ass and mouth all at once.
...and we are scared to death.
The secret echelon of those powerful nonentities behind the presidency..
run the robot.. but in this case, they run a broken robot.

John McCain is a brilliant bullshit artist. Not a man of change. He is a good ol'boy. How is he gonna change that? Remember, he didn't become a man he could be proud of until he was tortured to within an inch of his life. If that is what it takes to make him aware of what is important, if graduating fourth from the bottom in a class of eight hundred and ninety nine was a laughing matter....then I think we have a man within a man, one that says one thing and one that thinks another... completely....That is how he survived. That is how he survives. He can say and do anything he has to to get the desired result and he knows he has this ability.

But by the very nature of being a prisoner of war should we not all be aware of this connection, based on survival ethics. His face and words, stance and smile, are all bullshit. After all, Bush tore him a dirty new asshole during the republican race in the 2000 election, and yet he is buddies up to him when necessary all hugs and grins......pure, gigantic, rank, BS....McCain would skewer
Bush with glee were they back in Vietnam together.

McCain is a supremely scary gimp. Believe it, he will eat you for breakfast and use your bones for toothpicks, if he is elected. And Sarah Palin is a clone of Bush. So now he can hug a woman and George Bush at the same time. Ha!

He's a man folks....he want's to do her too. His wife must be seething. And he is a happy fucker again, with a new imaginary partner going through his gray matter while he is doing some inshore drilling .....kk

thanks internet for this freedom... to have my say as they drag me away.......

She's Bush with Bush.
Don't use that line either...that's my T-shirt idea.

The Picture.....just a picture I took near Waldo Florida.


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