Monday, September 01, 2008

Gustav Blows, Bush Sucks

Braindead just tried commmunicating again. He told me that the American people were great. And then he did alot of appreciating. Ah'preciate this and ah'preciate that, and the people, they're great and we gotta appreciate that, and gotta appreciate Brownie, and appreciate the storm for what God said praying and all that Brownie did to make this a great event. Well that is what it sounded like anyway. Boy did he dodge a bullet. 50 miles that other way and it might be a tiny bit different. Oh yeah, Fox and the Fuzz Bangle that says every sentence with exactly the same lethargic tenor, and moronic monotone, graced with a bored lift of tone at the end of each stupid word sandwich he mumbles, will have lots to trivialize.

I am so thread bare each time I see his lie distorted presence. It's as if Karma has begun working in earnest at the very image of his personage. The Dorian Grey behind the melting facade is beginning to emerge and he will have to watch. Young George W. Bush is metamorphosing, it won't be pretty, but none of us that have despaired at this Ugly American will give a flying fuck. May his God give him a good wake up call before he shows him the writing on the wall and asks Mumble Fuck. Did you really think I could let you get away with all that slaughter, and carnage? Fool.
But we all knew that, right from the start.


RWT said...

You are one angry old hippy. I thought drugs were supposed to make you mellow. Relax and have another mushroom - everything's gonna be OK.

Seriously though - glad you & yours won't be running the world anytime soon.

Reverend Chuck... said...

Don't count your donuts too soon. Crud mumbler may never leave office.
Mark my words...rwt....mellow has never been my forte.