Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cats do Alberta ..challenge FEMA

Had we the brains of these two cats.
Binger, below, is 16 and Boogie, right, is 16 too.. They live with me on 5 acres of woods in north central Florida. Through all their years, since eyes closed kittens, these two elegant ladies have co-existed with Coral snakes, and Canebrake rattlers, Diamond backs and Moccasins. They share their water with the fox, the rabbit, the raccoon (I share lead with the raccoons), opossum, armadillo, and squirrel. They lay down with the fire ants, black widow, brown recluse, scorpion, and centipede. They never complain unless I miss mealtimes. In sixteen years they have graced me with their indoor presence maybe 2 weeks total. They sleep and shed in summer doldrums or storms, and grow fur alertly in the winter.Though neither like to be held, both love to be petted, but only on the porch which they consider common ground. Off the porch it is their realm and I am superfluous and suspect as to my motives.

Cheers to Binger and Boogie, Florida felines, unpampered, unfettered, unencumbered.
I learn a lot from them.

I had 5 inches of rain from Alberto in the rain guage, west of I-75 near Gainesville.

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