Monday, June 12, 2006

Down here it's Florida vs. Everybody else

Fat Chance I'll leave this alone for too long. This topic is novel worthy, screenplay exotic, Elmore Leonard cool. That's hot. We'll kick your ass in football, then show you a prehistoric sunset that'll make your nuts squirm in the strangest way. Great place. More to come.
Orange and Blue.
What other state wakes up every morning and remembers that it's governor is the brother of the worst president in history. He's a great governor....Practically invisible until hurricane season. Know what? He will be president one day. You watch.
This nation is too dumb too nose led too obsessed with God and possessed by idiocy to see that it is on the brink of extinction as a nation of liberty and freedom and choice. Why do they hate us? We used to talk a truth we as a nation could justify by our image and actions. We projected hope and help to the eagerly watching eyes of the hungry and the tortured. Now we ignore defending the hungry in favor of defending the rich, and we clandestinely torture with impunity those with whose God we disagree. Old virtues, constitutional values, compassion based on need not on wealth, are not important to the rapturist army of ignorant right wing Christians.

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