Sunday, June 11, 2006

God gave him Zarqawi

"Oh thank you God. Oh thank you Jesus. I was beginnin' ta' think you .... no no ....I am president for a reason. Oh sweet Jesus this is fun. Thank you for killin' that Godless Beheader" Said George W. Bush. The man that kills while sleeping, eating breakfast, pimping dignitaries. The man that likes a good life takin'.........Taken in the name of God. He has that cool God that lets you fuck up all week and if you pay the man once a week you get your slate wiped every Sunday. Then you can take off to fuck up some more soon as you get past the preachers handshake and into the parking lot.
Would have been really cool if I had thought to use Zarqawi in my last post. Ah sweet serendipity, George gets a boost by the death of a one time peaceful man turned Jihadist by situations unique to the Bush Administration. I doubt we would have ever heard of Zarqawi or that Zarqawi would have become a Jihadist had not George W. Bush invaded Iraq and occupied it under false pretenses, or as some would say outright lies. How queer, how quaint, how George. But he and Fox can't get enough of it. Like the public display of the bullet ridden body of Jesse James, the face of Zarqawi is shown again and again and again, and every Fox digit flexes his own special flex bending and mentally mooning the bloated face of a dead man. Slathering and spitting their words of despise. Fox is a bloated violence promoting pompous ego forum for self righteous educated lunatics through Christ. Bush is a murderer again... wooppee.. farout... and the Shiite keeps hitting the fan. "Thank you Jesus." Said a very thankful Bush this Sunday morn. Catch the irony?
And a... George, what did you and God plan today?
So sorry for the half ass post, but that's all the half ass president gets for now.

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