Saturday, June 17, 2006

It ain't easy do what I do. It pays very few bills, but it obsesses me, even though I'm not very good at it. I hate president Bush for a living. What the fuck has America come to when an educated intelligent human being spends most of his waking hours wondering what the fuck has America come to? Perhaps we might spend a few moments remembering the days when we were delivered a war based on a clear and present danger that threatened the American people in the form of weapons of mass destruction. Two thousand five hundred dead brave American souls, and tens of thousands of collateral damage Iraqi innocents later, Bush has managed to create a global monster in the form of a united jihad against the United States. Where once there were a few there are now hundreds of thousands willing to give their lives for what they believe to be as just a cause as our courageous leaders consider the war on terror to be.
What either side fails to realize is that they are practicing a form of warfare that will leave both blind to any sane resolution called .."an eye for an eye". It is already apparent that both sides are already blind or mostly so, for they can't see that they are bringing about their own inevitable demise. With no distinction between the light and the dark they are bound up with fear and flail about wildly with their most terrible spears and clubs.
Asshole in chief is seemingly plugging the dyke of Rightwing disapproval, by flying the head of Zarqawi from place to place aboard "Sucks a bunch of fuckin' jet fuel One". The Fox network has it's mouth open for Bush to Fuck. I can see O'Riley and Snow fidgeting and squealing gleefully as they fumble with Bush's zipper to see which ones mouthing of the word Bush fits his swollen member more precisely.

While I'm thinking of Fox, Hey! Assholes.......Yeah you! Wipe the lip lube off your whore anchors. Maybe they aren't whores but you fuckheads sure pimp them up that way. If it's their own gig and you condone them you miss the point cause you missed the ethics required in your youth. Get it? It's like writing "FUCK ME!" on your mouth. If you don't get it and think I am a godless perverted liberal, your right, I gave up your war mongering, spiritually castrating, self abasing God many moons ago.

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