Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hey! George W. Bush.....yeah you!

I watched you flounder at the mike in Hungary. There you were, right in the very center of history. Like you couldn't resist giving that I'm to dumb and stupid to give a shit stage presence a work out, could you asshole? You make me want to puke, I have no idea how much freedom you enable the rest of the worlds gag reflex, with your banty rooster posture, and the slimy smirking smile of indifference you use to punctuate your singularly dictatorial points.
You twerp, stop talking like no one is smarter than you, that no one must miss a single boring rhetorical thoughtfully deficient thing you have to say. You act like, "Where are you world?" You remind me of every idiot bully with a big club and a short fuse. You threaten with the unfathomable might you temporarily command, to rip asunder the world if any affront to your wishes does not do as you say it had better. You listen to no one but those you have put in place to feed your diminutive beast and your enormous ego. You delegate your inaptitude to inaptitude with impunity. Your gavel is a cross and we should all be terrified at your God's ability to keep you healthy and at the point of the most unhealthy crusade against evil by evil ever recorded. You have redefined evil to include any resistance to your designs. Is this not so Mr. B-word?
If I am not in agreement with your international positions on good and evil, who is to be challenged with deadly force and who is to be given shelter, with taking from the working stiff and giving it to the rich, then it is a sure sign that evil exists within me. Is that not correct? Hey George W. Bush ....... Yeah You! Answer me asshole.

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