Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sunday Bush

Hey George Bush! What are you doing today? Are you and God hashing out the details of some clandestine effort to reduce the sum of Republican suffering inside the Beltway? Or maybe you and God are working out the details of justifying Haditha. The devil got into them boys fer just a second and well ....It troubles me deeply.
Hey George Bush are you sweating or are you truly a psychotic lunatic planted by God to bring the vast majority of Americans, the faith based uneducated masses, out of the darkness and into The Apocalypse? Doesn't make any sense to me either. The only justification for the presence of George W. Bush as the leader of the free world that I can imagine is that God could give a shit about the crap Americans dish out as Christianity. He could care less about a country that tries to stuff its moral crap down the throats of every oil bearing Muslim country in the world. Thanks Asshole in Chief for creating the impression throughout the world that America is the problem, that peace is for pussies, that God is might. Hope I'm around when the world wakes up to the truth, and you are brought to task for your impertinent brutality and planetary provocations. These are ultimate times and you are ultimate evil.


Tina said...

Hey Rev... I was Googling some anti Bush images and I came across your Cafe-Press stuff, which led me here. I love the sentiment and the pix. Keep giving 'em hell... and visit me at Fuzzy and Blue... where the word "fuck" flows freely in any anti-Bush/Neo-Con rant.

Sothis said...

Hey there--I came over from "Fuzzy and Blue." Love the graphics!

Don't you know--evangelicals want to bring about the Apocalypse. They think they are going straight to heaven in the Rapture. Maybe then we can get rid of them.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with your site, very nice graphics!