Sunday, June 18, 2006

God is busy........ deal with it.

Loathsome fuckers these Red Folk... Real fundamentalist.. Falwell/ Robertson warriors for God. God's getting lots of press these days.

In truth "God" is busy elsewhere. There are in neighboring corners of the galaxy, planets whose inhabitants took the hint handed them during the folly of their particular evolutions, and kept their planet in order, or at least made a concerted effort to do so in the face of the usual birth pains of any planetary system's ordering and eventual colonizing. Why should God expend any effort or loose any sleep over a life form that relies consistently on God to bring them through this trial or that tribulation, the majority of which are self inflicted, violent, fear based kneejerk reactions designed to keep everyones destiny in the hands of a few? Where does a life form whose priviledged few feed on the sweat and blood of the powerless to protest masses that are too busy with basic survival in a world of manufactured concepts they had no hand in devising or sustaining, but were just born into, ...find the balls to ask God for anything, least of all mercy? A stinkin' life form that places God and love not in the center of life but at the periphery of living, relying on God to save them at the edges of despair, forever begging God to forgive them and show them mercy, is in line for little of the real thing.
It is with infinite despair I report this but unless you change your concept of God radically, and voice it now, you may believe whatever you wish but your end will not change.

While you watch.....You will be recycled.
Your voice then... will be worthless.... as you find yourself screaming....silently.

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alyceclover said...

My sister relayed that she prayed that god would stop the leak in the roof, at least until she moved out. For some reason it did stop leaking. A year after she left all her stuff was still in the bedroom, getting wet with the unfixed hole. I used to believe in a higher power, granter of favors. No longer do, and it mystifies me why the "prayers" get answered. Unlike my sister, if the roof was leaking, I'd get up and fix it, or if i prayed about it, the prayer would have been for a permanent fix, not her selfish one. What does this have to do with your post? Just that I understand it very well.