Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ann Coulter

She is the cleanest little twit to douche through Jesus Christ since, well, since douching through Christ became fashionable. Big feet to walk on water. That gal can plane. She's a tribute to long blonde hair, mini skirts, long legs, tiny pouty little piehole, almost extraterrestrial looking. But wow what a heart, what a following, what a shtick. Ann Coulter, talk about witches, I imagine her thighs are no strangers to the warm glowing burnish of girthy broom stick snuggly pressed between them. Please no hat and just a mini skirt. May Ann ride the turbulent winds of her incessant blow hole to death. May she remember how much wind she had and how bad she blew, pursing tiny shriveled lips, fading like a blonde balloon let go by the fingers of life to fart her last wind from beneath that little mini skirt. And so God gave us a blonde bitch to hate. How convenient

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