Monday, June 26, 2006

You may believe what you will.

I will keep my options open. Conspiracies, you doubt. I believe some if not most exist. News accounts you believe. I doubt some if not most. I even question what I see, being quite sure that I am not running the projector.
As a life form we are so close to annihilation yet we concern ourselves with such base and meaningless matters. A life time is no time at all once gone. A long life time, say 90 years is no time at all considering that five and a half such life times is all it has been since a group of soggy Spaniards slogged onshore in an unspoiled, verdant, paradise. In five and a half such life times it has been stripped and choked, drained and burned, plowed and paved over, until it no longer resembles anything but folly, a glutinously consumed and discharged waste of water and land.
What will it take to wake the people to the planet. Comet callers and asteroid advocates think they know the answer.
It's too bad we didn't notice all the bad decisions we were making. God blessed us. And then we fucked up and pleaded with God to bless us again, and again, and again, and we got complacent with being forgiven then fucking up again. It was easy. The biggest Fuckups even made a day to ask for it each week. Sunday. God is pissed now. He doesn't like being on the edge of your life where the problems are. He likes the center, where he can vaporize them as they arise.
Whether God is willing to risk making any more mistakes with us again is the big question. That we will continue to make them is all but assured.

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